Tuesday, 29 August 2017

encouraging young people to shop ethically

Young people and fashion go hand in hand. Keeping up with the latest trends, their friends and a constant stream of saving up to purchase any items they desire. Young people can be influenced though and I think with recent times they have become a symbol of a more tolerant world, this being an incredibly good thing. There are two sides to the story. The teen that wants to keep up with the latest trends yet is symbolic of a more open and pioneering generation. The question is not how can young people be more ethical and what they can do but how can they be encouraged? What advice or information is there online?


Sunday, 20 August 2017

the power of a stranger

One of my old teachers once said that the only way to continue learning once you have finished education is to travel. Up until this year I supposed that meant what you learn whilst you're abroad is how you further your knowledge: the museums you visit; the sights you see; the language that you speak (I now have a broad understanding of Italian foods) but I have come to realise it is completely different.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

it all starts with yes

Over the past four weeks I've been out and about doing NCS, a government run scheme that is basically four weeks of being away from home (for the first two), helping the community, meeting new friends and raising money for charity. It all happens after GCSEs so whilst you may be thinking that this post doesn't apply to you it just well might. I learnt things that I didn't think I ever would and I've come out of NCS a much more confident person (haha probably not but I like to think I have) and with that I am so much more looking forward to starting sixth form next month; not that I want to think about starting school again but it has been gradually slipping into my thoughts more often.
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