Monday, 31 July 2017

my ethical style: half a year on

Half a year (and a month) after deciding that I was going to start buying ethical fashion and shun 'fast fashion' and I am loving it more than ever. In January of this year I didn't think that I could stop buying fast fashion, especially being sixteen in a culture where fashion is as disposable as the cameras you buy - it lasts a few takes then has to be replaced. In the past few months my approach and attitude to fashion has changed completely and with it my wardrobe.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

how ethical is your jewellery?

Well hello there, I seem to have had an unplanned two weeks break from blogging. I can assure you it was unplanned because I have so many posts that are just waiting to be written up yet I just haven't had the opportunity to due to NCS. For those of you who aren't aware yet have been following my slightly lesser absence on social media I've been doing NCS which is the National Citizen Service run by the government in the UK at the end of Year 11 for four weeks to learn skills, meet new friends and give something back to the community. For the first two weeks (only weekdays) you're camping. The first week was in Croyde where I magically transformed into a surfer babe (Baywatch watch out I could become your new employee) and the second was camping in safari tents that had beds and I was shook how well I slept. With work on Saturday I have only had Sunday to write and I just couldn't bring myself to put words on paper or type words onto a keyboard. You could say I had a case of writer's block.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

is the future of fashion sustainable?

Sustainability is a word that is increasingly becoming more popular; what makes something sustainable? Is it the material and components it's made of? Is it the longevity of its life in action? Is it the design of the product? Perhaps it is all of these, yet maybe it is only one. But is the future of fashion sustainable?

Thursday, 6 July 2017

the rise of the independent shop

Social media, a loathed aspect of the age of technological abundance and can breed a society of self hating millennials (or anyone over the age of twelve) yet social media is sometimes overlooked for the wonderful connections it allows between place and places. What am I talking about? Independent shops.

Monday, 3 July 2017

it's okay to like expensive things (a wishlist)*

The last wishlist post I did on my blog was back in January and since then there hasn't particularly been anything that I've wanted to buy, I bought a stunning Mads Norgaard top as a treat for the end of exams and a pair of vintage Levis from Depop (that I haven't taken off, weather permitting) but those are my only clothing purchases (oh and a kit from Wool and The Gang to make my own top!) I did buy a few things from that wishlist and I think it does help to have a few set pieces in mind that you would like to buy because it gives something to save up for.
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