Monday, 15 May 2017

empowerment through fashion - how fashion can empower you

For young women, discovering your place and direction in the world may feel tough and treacherous (and also time consuming for those that have a ‘live in the moment’ mindset). The people around us may enforce the idea that should weakness and empathy is a sign of instability. In some situations, yes weakness may not be able to combat what you are faced with, however instead of replacing these tender characteristics - embrace them, let them empower you through the way you dress, through your attitude towards something. (I mean look how happy I am in that picture above, ohhh wait it was because it was taken in the summer, when exams didn't take up most of my life).

Saturday, 6 May 2017

youth and politics - where do we stand?

Youth and politics. An imminent general election on June the 8th has led to the realisation that young people don’t vote. Or, at least, the vast majority of them seem to be allergic to the ballot box. For example, turnout amongst young voters (18-24) in the 2014 European elections was a scant 28%. Contrast that with turnout among people aged 55+, over half of whom (51%) cast their ballots in 2014, and it’s clear that youth participation in European elections is not great. As a young person who is, you could say, interested in politics yet cannot vote I wanted to know what young people my age think about politics. Is there enough information available and is there anything that can be done to improve how politically aware the youth are? Should the 16-17 age group be allowed to vote?
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