Monday, 26 October 2015

Sephora honey mask

When I was in France back in the summer I bought some of the Sephora face masks. Before going I did my research and the I would love to know!  honey mask came out with the best reviews for Sephora's own face mask range.

I'm slightly skeptical about sheet face masks - do they actually work? There was certainly enough product when I took it out of the packaging so surely there must be something good happening to my skin! The honey mask claims to be for 'nourishing and balancing' and the other masks in the range seem to claim to do other wondrous things for the skin as well. In the past I've used the ginseng mask, although I didn't see a difference in my skin whatsoever - will the honey mask be any different?

After using it (instructions on how to apply are on the back, let's just say I looked incredibly odd for 15 minutes when I had it on) I was much more impressed with this mask. It was so moisturizing and when I took off the mask the left over product just sank into my skin. It made my skin feel so gorgeous and soft - almost like I'd just had a facial! Despite the packet saying to leave for 10-15 minutes on the skin, I probably kept it on a bit longer (till most of the moisture had gone). Once the mask is off it does feel a little wet, not slimy but almost like you've applied a gel to the skin. Don't apply moisturizer after this mask because it is definitely hydrating enough! I would just rub the excess product into the skin and that should be enough! I think it is targeted to those with drier skin types and it is quite moisturizing - I still think it would would for all skin types though!

For €3,95 I'm so impressed with this and when I go back I shall definitely be purchasing more! Have you tried any of the face masks from this range and are there any you would recommend? I would love to know!


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Let's talk staples: denim ripped jeans

I might say ripped jeans are a style staple and they probably aren't to most people - a pair of plain blue denim jeans will do, but I think a pair of denim ripped jeans just add something extra to an outfit. There are so different variations as well - from boyfriend jeans to normal skinny jeans I thought I'd share a few along with some outfit ideas as well.

Casual skinny ripped jeans look so sleek with a slouchy tee and especially in the autumn you can layer with jumpers and coats. I absolutely adore the look of a navy slightly oversized jumper and ripped jeans (much like the middle picture above). Ripped jeans can make a put together outfit more casual and I think they can really add something extra to an outfit. Sometimes (who am I kidding... most of the time) I can be found sporting a white tee and jeans but when I wear my ripped jeans it looks like I've put more effort into what I am wearing (but who am I kidding, I totally didn't). My favourite pair are from Topshop and I love them so much! They look so gorgeous with black loafers as well - so if you're stuck with idea for what to wear on your feet with ripped jeans then that's an idea! They are such a versatile piece of clothing for you wardrobe and that is why it has featured in my 'let's talk staples' series.

Do you own a pair of ripped jeans and if so what are you favourite ways to wear them? My other posts in the 'let's talk staples' series feature the 'plain white tee' and the 'striped tee'.


Monday, 19 October 2015

Books I've been loving #1

I absolutely love reading books. It's such a good stress reliever but it's so nice to get engrossed in a good book for a while. So whilst this blog is mainly beauty and fashion, I want to incorporate some of my favourite books into it! I love finding great new books to read so every month or so I'm going to put my favourite books on my blog.

Jandy Nelson - I'll give you the Sun:
A book that has previously been in a monthly favourites is 'I'll give you the Sun' by Jandy Nelson. I absolutely LOVE this book. Despite being crammed full of metaphors (I don't mind as I have a personal fondness of metaphors, but some people may dislike them). The story itself is about two twins (Noah and Jude) and it follows their lives before and after a tragedy that changes them both as people. The book has a dual narrative, from both Noah and Jude's perspective however I think that adds to the book, as you feel closer to both of them as a whole, rather than siding to one persons story. The characters are by no means perfect, they are raw and gritty and I think that is why I loved this book so much as they definitely developed throughout the story.

I'm not particularly an emotional reader, but boy I cried at this book. It is one of those books that you finish reading and cannot stop thinking about. I read it in May and I still rave on about it to my friends (needless to say they are probably tired of my endless book recommendations) and I just loved it from start to finish. Jandy Nelson's style of writing is definitely a love/hate type of writing - but I urge you to read it nonetheless. 

Ali Smith - How to be both:
'How to be both' by Ali Smith is an extremely clever novel about two love tales - one set in the 1460s and the other in the modern day. They are both twisted together into one and this creates the basis of the novel.
The language used in this book is superb and it is such a fresh plot. The book is like nothing I've ever read before and that for me is so refreshing as a lot of books follow very similar storylines. I would say this is the most grown up book of the three books featured. Whilst it is an amazing piece of writing, some of it shocked me so if you are a younger reader of my blog maybe this isn't the book for you (just a little warning).

Something about this book that may seem odd but you get used to is that all the speech (and there is quite a bit of it) does not have speech marks. Why it does not have speech marks I do not know but I think it adds a quirkiness to the book and I quite like it!
E.Lockhart - We were liars:  
Another book that featured in a monthly favourites (and deservingly so) is 'We were liars' by E. Lockhart. It is not a massive book but it doesn't need to be. From the characters to the storyline and the language used this book has all the feels. In spite of the fact it is set in America, you still feel like you are being transported into a completely different world (do not fear, it is not sci-fi though). Like I said above, I do not often cry at books, but I was holding back tears whilst reading this on a beach in France.

The only flaw in this book would be that the characters could be developed more. Whilst there are descriptions, there is so much mystery surrounding the deeper side to some of the people in the story. In this sense you fail to connect with some of them and I think if the characters were developed more, the plot would have had more impact.

I'd be very much interested to read more books written by E. Lockhart as I was just encaspulated by the story and her use of language was so streamline along with the plot. Despite being confused in parts of the story, the more you read the clearer it gets. Whether that was intentional or me just being not quite with it - this book is such an incredibly read.

I would love to know some of your favourite books, so leave me a comment of a few down below and I'll add them to my ever growing reading list!


Thursday, 8 October 2015

Lace ups - just a passing trend?

Top - ASOS

Personally I love the lace up trend. There's shoes, dresses, jumpers and tops that all share something in common - they all lace up! I wanted to write this post as a focus on this trend - is it here to stay or is it just one of those in one year out the next? It's been here since the start of the year and with Autumn and Winter clothing in full swing, there's no sign of it going. 

When I first saw lace up trend on tops I thought it was an absolute no go, I thought they were too revealing (although I only seem to wear tops that are really high-necked so it was quite a jump for me)! Gradually after seeing more and more people wearing this trend, I decided to take the plunge and buy a top for myself. After searching high and low I found a lovely one from ASOS (the one featured above) and I love it! It's great for this time of year as you can layer it, however if it is a big warmer it looks just as lovely on its own with a jacket or coat. 
DI've chosen my picks from some of my favourite stores to show you all! 

Shoes - I do quite like this aspect of the lace up trend, although I've tried a couple of the pointed shoes and they really do not suit my feet. The lace up sandals however are gorgeous and would be great for a night out (even if your toes may get cold). 

From left - right | Lace up block heels, Lace up knee high gladiator sandals Lace up pointed ballerina shoes 
Clothes - I have been persuaded to really like lace up clothing now. I only own one item which is the ASOS top above, but there are some really cute ways in which you can incorporate the trends into your clothes. Whilst I probably wouldn't wear the top in the co-ord below, I do think the skirt is really cute! I have to say my favourite piece is the striped top (see my ode to striped tops here) and I think it's quite versatile and would look cute layered with different pieces for autumn/winter.
From left - right | Lace up stripey top, lace up dress, lace up mini skirt
There are just a few ideas of ways you can introduce the 'lace up' trend into your wardrobe and I have a feeling this trend is here to stay for another season at least! What are you thoughts on the trend?

Monday, 5 October 2015

The blusher that bites

Now Nars is a brand I LOVE. Whilst I don't own that many things from them, I use them all and would recommend all of them to a friend. The only downside is the price. The price can be off putting but every once in a while I think buying a  Nars product is great for a treat. So I bought this blush last month as a back to school treat and I've been using it so much!

The Dual Intensity blushes are all absolutely gorgeous but at £30 there is no way I would get more than one. After a long time flipping back and forth from various shades I decided to go with Frenzy as I thought that would be the one out of all of them I would wear the most. Frenzy is a sparkly soft gold highlighter and a shimmery coral shade (it looks better than it sounds do not fear). The combination of the shades are great swirled round together but on their own they're gorgeous as well. When I first got it I literally couldn't keep staring at it - the shades are so stunning and I can't believe I didn't have this duo sooner (the price was somewhat off putting though).

These blushes are stunning. The texture is so creamy and soft and they blend like a dream. Whilst they look quite flamboyant shades both the highlighter and the blush look surprisingly natural on the skin. It's not the most pigmented blush of all but that can be fixed by just a few more swirls of your brush. When you talk about the blending though, wow these blushes are seriously good.

The blush can be used wet but I would steer clear of doing so. When I tried it my pores looked massive and it was not a good look - the pigmentation was better but that's the only plus, after a long day it started going patchy as well. The dry formula of this is so much better and also lasts longer so that's a winner for me. I know there is a brush that goes with this in the form of the Nars wet/dry blush brush but at £31 (more expensive than the blush itself) I'm not really sold - even if the brush is amazing I still think £31 is too much and there are other great brushes out there that can be used with this as well.

Quick overall verdict: I love the shades and the blusher blends and stays put like a dream - its downfall is the pigmentation so a few swirls with your brush is needed for a decent amount of product. Steer clear from using it wet but overall I would totally recommend!

What are your favourite Nars products and is there anything on your wishlist from the brand?


Thursday, 1 October 2015

There's always makeup to lust over...

My beauty wishlist is expanding rapidly lately and there's not much I can do to stop it - so what do I do? Share it on the internet of course.

Whilst my makeup collection is growing, my brush collection is at a stand still. Although I wash them frequently I probably haven't got any new makeup brushes in about a year, so some new ones are needed. The Zoeva rose gold collection has been on my wishlist for so long (and it's so damn gorgeous) but I'll probably wait till my birthday to purchase them if I do buy them as they're not cheap! A slightly cost conscience kit is the Real Techniques Nic's Picks brush set. There's five brushes in the set and I think I would use most of them so it's definitely worth it. 

Eye makeup has been a must have lately, I have been obsessed with saving different eye looks on Pinterest (I'm at @eleanorclaudie if you want to have a look at what I pin #cheekyselfpromo) and there have been some gorgeous autumn eye looks going on. I have been obsessed with the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita eye palette - it is STUNNING. I cannot stress how much I love this eyeshadow palette (and pretty much all Charlotte Tilbury products really - they are all so beautiful). On a less makeupy (I am making that word up for the sake of this post) note, the Origins drink up intensive has definitely been on my wishlist for a while and I think this face mask will be perfect for the Autumn/Winter time when my skin is much drier. It sounds amazing and I've never tried anything from Origins before so let me know if you've tried anything from the brand down below - I'd love to know!

Just out of pure curiosity, I googled how much all of the products in my wishlist would be - the total came to just under £243. You heard it right... £243 for 9 items of makeup/tools. Yep, most of these things are definitely staying on my wishlist, but its my birthday next month and I may have to treat myself to a few bits here and there! 
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