Thursday, 24 September 2015

Lottie London: Hit refresh

Lottie London is a fairly new brand that hit the stores around March time this year. It recently hit my local superdrug store and I thought I'd try a nail varnish from the brand. I didn't pick up more than one incase I didn't really like the formula/it didn't last long (I am quite picky when it comes to nail varnishes). 

Firstly can we talk about how cute the packaging is? The brand is aimed at teenagers and young adults, although I think they would suit any age! The packaging would look so cute on a shelf and it's hard not to want to buy the whole range purely based on packaging alone (do not fear, I would not do that). Not only do their nail varnishes look very appealing, so do their brushes. I didn't purchase any but if I do in the future a post will be necessary! 

The polish I bought is in the shade 'hit refresh' and as you can see from the photo above the shade is an absolutely gorgeous pinky nude. There are about 60 nail polishes in the range and they are all stunning! Serious nail envy with some of the brighter shades, they look beautiful and I will beyond any doubt be buying some more in the future. The formula of the polish is great! The colour pay off is great for a nude, two coats are needed to create a good clean opaque varnish, but I would recommend three - the nail polish dried relatively quickly so it isn't much of a problem. In terms of application, the long brush made applying the varnish relatively easy which is good if you aren't very accurate when painting nails. The longevity of the varnish was pretty good, especially for a nude. The first time I wore it it didn't last that long and that was with two coats, so three is definitely needed. With 3 coats it lasted about five or so days without chipping badly 

At £5.99 (just slightly pricier than Barry M yet cheaper than Essie), Lottie London nail varnishes have got my seal of approval! I think they would be great as gifts as well, as their packaging is more professional in my opinion than other brands such as Barry M. 
I've literally worn this nail varnish so much over the past couple of months and it could possibly be my favourite 'pink nude' I've tried (which is a big deal as I am obsessed with my pinky nude nails).
I am seriously impressed with this nail varnish and will certainly be purchasing more from this Lottie London. You can buy the brand from Superdrug and Asos (these are the only two stockists I am aware of). Have any of you tried any of their nail varnishes/brushes?

Monday, 21 September 2015

10 random things to be happy about

I haven't done a lifestyle post like this in a while, so I thought I'd take a bit of time to write one. There are always things to be upset about, but on the other hand there are also loads more things to be happy about! In the past I've written posts such as 'things we shouldn't be afraid of' and 'looking at things in a better light' all little snippets to perhaps improve the way you see situations you're faced with in life. So today's post I thought I'd do '10 random things to happy about', just simple (and quite random) everyday things to be thankful/happy about - I hope you can read this and it will remind you that there are always things to be happy about!

Someone, somewhere loves you. Whether it be friends or family, a boyfriend or girlfriend - someone loves you just the way you are. All your quirks, your likes and dislikes. You and only you. Something about knowing that seriously brightens my mood because I know someone out there cares about me. It sounds incredibly cheesy but it's true! It doesn't cost anything to tell someone how much they mean to you so why not make today the day - it'll make someone's day just that bit better and it'll make you feel good too! Spreading the love <3

Putting on your favourite outfit. There is nothing better than putting on your favourite outfit, whether it be sweatpants and a jumper or a more dressy look, it's always nice to just feel comfortable in what you're wearing! 

The feeling you get when someone smiles at you. Don't deny it, you're probably thinking of someone who's done that to you right now (well I am anyway). When someone smiles at you because of something you've said and they're just happy with your company - it is like the best feeling in the world. I bet there's a time where someone has done this and just be grateful to have them in your life!

Proving yourself wrong. Think you can't do something then you do? Now that's a great feeling. Whether it be getting the grade you wanted or completed something before the deadline. You did it! 

Buying something you've wanted for a long time. Have you been lusting over something for a really long time? There's nothing better than buying that pair of shoes you've had your eye one for a while. Happiness all around (except maybe for your purse, but lets not worry about that).

Being happy for someone else. It's weird but seeing people happy almost makes me more happy than if it was myself. Like when someone gets a good grade and they're so happy about it, or they're just happy about a little thing/something they've done it's so great to feel happy for someone! It doesn't have to be a massive thing but it's great seeing people upbeat about something!

Putting on your favourite perfume. A task we probably do most mornings, but isn't it great when you just put on a scent you love? 

Being inside when it's raining. Especially on a Sunday when you're all lazy and not doing anything. Because we always seem to be moving about, be happy that you're inside when the weathers not great (grab a movie and just relax). This one is kind of random but I really like it when it's raining and you're inside in the cosy warmth.

Being enamoured by a book your reading. I get so happy when I buy a book, or just start reading a book and love it. Being engulfed in the story-line and getting attached to all the characters. Whenever i'm stressed it's just nice to pick up a book and read it - you're thinking more about the characters life than your own and it always calms me down when I read. On the other hand don't just read if you're stressed! Reading should be for the pleasure and take the time to really enjoy a good book.

Listening to your favourite music. Okay, this one always makes me happy. Appreciating the music you listen to always brightens my mood. There isn't a day when I don't really listen to music - there is always a tune on in the background (currently listening to Major Lazer - powerful whilst writing this now!) Music is something to appreciate and it is definitely something to smile about.

So I also took to Twitter to ask what little things make you happy and this is what some of you said! 
If you're having a bad day, just remember there are always things to be happy about, no matter how small they are. There are so many other little things to be happy about - so what are things that make you happy?

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Day to night looks #1: the berry lip

In a rush to get ready for a night out? I'm going to be doing one post a month for the next couple of months easy 'day to night looks'. This month is going to be a subtle glowy skin look, with a pinky eye and a berry lip. With slight tweeks from the day look, it's easily achievable if you don't have long to get ready in the evening!

Starting with the base, you want the makeup to last a long time so I'll use a recent favourite primer of mine - the Body Shop insta blur. Then a long lasting foundation and I shall pick the Rimmel lasting finish 25hr foundation: this stuff has a great lasting power so you wouldn't have to reapply this in the evening. Whilst I wouldn't feel like this foundation needs a powder for the day, I would put some on in the evening just to mattify the face slightly (without the horrible cakey look). For cheeks I'm keeping the look fairly simple, just a dusting of an old favourite Benefit's Hoola Bronzer and to highlight ill use to left side of my new (and very gorgeous) Nars dual intensity blush in Frenzy. I'll dust this on my cheekbones, top of my nose, and places where the light catches my skin for a natural bronzy/highlighted glow.

In the day, eyes are going to be more of the standout with this look. I want to make this a very pink eye to contrast to the berry shade I'll apply in the evening, but I'm wearing a natural pink lipstick in the day so I want this eye to standout whilst still being subtle. To achieve this I take my Naked 3 palette and put limit all over the lid, with nooner in the crease and liar in the outer v. I'll blend these seamlessly and put strange in the inner corner and the brow bone - my eye look is done! If I do have time I'll go over the eye look in the evening but if not the eyeshadows do last all day if you have a good primer. A coating of the Maybelline lash sensational and my eyes are complete. Ready both for the day but also put together enough for the evening as well.

This is the part ill change for the day and night. Whilst I love berry shades I don't really feel confident enough to wear them in public (especially out in the day) so I love wearing them for evening looks. Seeing as summer seems to have officially left I thought it would be fitting to include the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107 in a blog post. This will be my 'night' lip. For a more natural look in the day I'll wear a pinky nude from Mac in the shade 'angel'. It's a frost finish so I'll dab this on my lips as I'm not a massive fan of the finish when applied heavily on the lips.

The look is complete! An easy transition from the day to the night and I really like this look! It's kind of different and something I wouldn't usually wear, but on the face the colours seem to mash beautifully and I love the finished look - both for the day and the night! Look out for another easy 'day to night' look coming next month!


Monday, 14 September 2015

Nars smudge proof eyeshadow base

A beauty buy that featured in my August favourites, the Nars Smudge proof eyeshadow base was definitely a great addition in my beauty collection and I thought I'd share my thoughts with you on this little tube of primer goodness. Now when I bought my Naked 3 palette just under a year ago it came with little primer potion samples from Urban Decay. They were great! The Naked palette was my first venture into eyeshadows so I never really knew what they would look like without a primer or whether they would look any different. After they ran out I didn't bother to buy a primer as I didn't really see much of a difference (other than how long the shadows stayed on my eyes). But I've been seeing various youtubers use this product and was intrigued. I hadn't really seen many reviews so wasn't sure whether it was actually good or not but I took to google to see what people did think of it. The reviews I read were great and it easily made me want to try it.  

I took the chance to get some money off and bought it in duty free last month. Ever since I bought it I've used it under my eyeshadow and I can clearly see that my eyeshadow lasts longer and undoubtably minimises creasing throughout the day. The Eyeshadow primer would be amazing for anyone with paticulary oily eyelids (I don't have oily eyelids so it didn't make a massive difference) and it creates a great base to my eyeshadow or eyeliner.
It's not particularly cheap but I've never find a good drugstore eye primer, or really ever seen one so I would 100% recommend this product. Compared to the Urban Decay bases, Nars just made my eye makeup look so much more proffesional. Also comparing it to the primer potions, I can remember they used to crease whereas with the Nars primer there is none of that. 

The only downsides are that you can't actually see how much product you've got left although that's a minor issue. The reviews I read said it lasted around 2-3 months if used every day (although I don't wear eyeshadow for school so for me it'll last a lot longer) and I'll feed back to you when it runs out, but for £19.50 I don't think that's too bad. Especially since I love it so much! It's also kind of unhygienic with the doe-foot applicator being used on both eyes so I usually put some on my finger and apply it with that. 

I would seriously recommend buying the primer, it's a product that's used by so many people yet I've never really seen any reviews of it! It's by far the best eye primer I've used and I would say it's a must for any long wearing eye look!


Thursday, 10 September 2015

Back to school trilogy: get up and go playlist

I thought this would be a fun post to do for my final post in my back to school trilogy. I listen to music so much and listening to music before I go to school (upbeat music) really gets me in the mood for the the rest of the day. I listen to music when I'm doing my hair and my makeup and there's no denying it, I have a dance around as well (school cannot kill my vibe).

The playlist I've made may not be to everyone's taste but I wanted to include songs that make me really happy or songs that I can just get up and dance to - because who doesn't love a good dance before hours of boring work? Yep totally not embarrassing that I have a mini party on my own #Ipromiseidohavefriends.
I've already listened to this playlist before school and it definitely puts me in a good mindset for the day. Enjoy! 


Monday, 7 September 2015

Back to school trilogy: what's in my school bag

It's funny seeing what's in people's school bags (well I find it funny) - there's no doubt I probably put way more that's needed but I always seem to overpack without even trying - do I need that pack of 20 colouring pens? Nope. Will I put them in my bag? Most probably. So a massive bag is very much needed.

My gorgeous bag from Urban Outfitters fits practically everything I want it to, the only impracticality is that there isn't a zip - which probably isn't great if it rains but I can overlook it as it really is the nicest 'big' bag that I've found in a while. Most of the space will be taken by my books/revision guides etc. but never fear I'll still carry a notebook. The one in my bag at the moment is from IKEA but there are some lovely ones from Urban Outfitters (although they're a little too expensive for my liking). I have a seriously love for cute notebooks but they always seem to be so expensive! My IKEA one is great though as it's got blank pages so I can fill it with whatever. There's no forgetting my pens, pencils and essential school stationary. Different schools may require you to have different supplies - I would have spent more money on cuter supplies from paperchase etc. but I have a bad habit of losing things and probably go through about 50 pens tho right the year so I'll just stick to cheaper supplies! 
Since I'm starting my GCSES this year I thought I'd put a pack of colouring pens in my bag incase I need to write notes. I feel that is remember them more if they were written in brightly coloured writing!

I'll bring some deodorant just in case I need it after PE (slightly tmi but its a necessary) and also a mascara. I'll always have one in my bag just incase I need to reapply in the day. I would say that I bring a powder but knowing me I would probably forget to keep putting it in my bag so I'll just have to live with a shiny forehead (classic lazy people problems). Handwash is essential for school as that place is not the cleanest in the world (and the toilets aren't any better). I've got the soap and glory hand maid and it smells divine, even though I'm not sure how good it actually is at cleaning my hands! I'll pop a lip balm in my bag as well although that will probably transfer to my blazer - I am determined to not get dry lips this year! 

I've just got my water bottle (which will be filled with water don't worry) and my glasses case for when I'm not wearing my glasses! Finally I couldn't not bring my headphones to school! I walk to and from school and sometimes I just want to shut the world outside and listen to my favourite new songs (stay tuned for Thursday's post for a school playlist)! 
I hope you've enjoyed having a nosy around my school bag - what are your school essentials? 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Back to school trilogy: makeup madness

There's no lying about it, it's either sleep in for 15 minutes longer and just wear mascara to school or get up and actually care about what goes on my face. Unfortunately I've decided this year that I might get up a little earlier (but knowing me that will all change when it actually comes to it) and actually put makeup on. I'll be going back to school tomorrow which I'm not particularly looking forward to, but I'm not dreading it. I like school (words I never thought I would say) but there is an extent of how interesting some lessons can be! I thought I'd do a little 'back to school' trilogy for the next couple of posts (even though you're probably fed up of seeing back to school posts by now!)

Now onto the exciting part... the makeup. This year I'm finally allowed to wear makeup, I wore a little before but now we can wear 'subtle makeup' as my school puts it. I'll probably start wearing this makeup but knowing me it'll just end up with concealer and mascara by the end of the month *shoutout to all the lazy peeps out there* - you can totally change any of the steps I do but this is generally what I would put on my face for school. 

I would like to do a drugstore makeup look for school, but I wanted to be totally honest with what I actually wear to school and it isn't all drugstore. I like to start off with a primer because I want my makeup to last a long time, the one I've got here being Benefit's porefessional. It's just an all round great primer and I do see a difference if I don't use a primer underneath my base. Now I don't want to go over the top with the makeup I wear to school and I don't want to spend a long time doing it so I love applying highlighter under my foundation on my cheek bones, high points of my face etc. It gives a really natural finish on the skin and I love the way Benefit's high beam does this, it's really subtle as it''s under my base but it is just a nice glow - school will not prevent glowy skin! For an extra boost of dewiness I absolutely love the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. It's absolutely amazing other than the fact that the shade range is awful. Luckily I'm sporting a slight tan so I can get away with the lightest shade for now. I will probably end up using a lighter base as the term goes on though, but this is the makeup I'll definitely be wearing on my first day back. I'll conceal with my Collection lasting perfection concealer - an old favourite I've been using since I first got into makeup and it will always be a staple in my school makeup! 
A quick powder fix with my fave Mac studio fix powder and my 'stay all day' base is done! 

A little bit of Nars Laguna bronzer to look a bit more alive and I'll lightly fill in my brows with my favourite brow product the Soap and Glory brow archery - the shade is literally perfect for my brows and I love it so much! I don't bother putting eyeshadow on, maybe I'll put a dusting of bronzer to speed things up and add a pop of colour but realistically I just cannot be bothered to do a proper eye look. I love long luscious eyelashes but for school I'll tone it down a little and use my favourite Seventeen falsifeye hd mascara. It does everything I want it to but doesn't look clumpy and you can definitely build it up for more volume. I couldn't forget my beloved Carmex lip balm but for the first day back I'll also add a pop of nude lipstick (there is obviously no chance I'll be wearing bright lips for school). My go to nude right now is Mac's Kinda sexy - a gorgeous peachy toned nude. 

After that the makeup look is complete! It's quick, easy and simple yet still makes me look more awake than if I didn't wear anything! What are your staple beauty bits for school? 
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