Thursday, 27 August 2015

Splurge or save?

The question is... Do I splurge or do I save with makeup? It's always nice to treat yourself to something high-end but if you're trying to save money, do you really need a high-end concealer for example? I thought I'd do a post on what I would be willing to spend more money on and products you can definitely safe your money on! 

Primer - I think finding a good primer is great for makeup that will last the whole day. It just so happens that my favourite primer is High-end. There are different primers out there to suit different skin types, so I would look at reviews first before buying any primer; drugstore or high-end. In my opinion I think it's worth splashing out on a more expensive primer (I tried the maybelline baby skin about a year ago and absolutely hated it) and I genuinely think a good primer can make a massive difference to the longevity of your foundation/base. 

Base - so this is one that I'm not too sure about. I would say if you can afford a more expensive foundation then go for it! But if not there are great alternatives on the high-street. I don't actually own a high-end foundation but really don't feel the need to go out and spend £30 on one, I'm perfectly happy with my drugstore ones and will continue to use them. Of course I would love the Nars sheer glow and cult high-end beauty's like that and for a one off treat - go for it! But there are definitely good cheaper options out there!

Concealer - drugstore all the way!!! If this there's one thing you can save with your makeup it's concealer. Yes there are good high-end concealers but they are matched if not bettered by drugstore concealers. Why spend £22 when you can spend £4? It's a definite drugstore win for me. 

Powder - another product where I think your skin is a decider on whether to go high-end or drugstore. I tried the cult Rimmel stay matte powder a while ago and absolutely hated it, it made my skin feel cakey etc. and then I tried the Mac skinfinish powder and love it so much - it's the only powder I've used in about a year. So I think it really is a matter of what is best for you.

Blush, bronzer and highlighter - I think if you're just getting into more expensive makeup bronzer, blusher and highlighter is a great place to start. A bronzer such as Nars Laguna bronzer or a MAC blusher is something that you can use daily and I think as they last a long time it feels like it's worth the money you paid. Look at reviews etc. if you're not sure if the product is worth the money, I always look at 3 or more to get an idea of what people think of the product.

Brow products - for brow products I think you can really not tell a difference between a high-end and a drugstore brow product. That said the Anastasia brow pomade looks incredibly dreamy and I think if you're going to splash out on a brow product I would choose one that is more likely to last. High-end brow products aren't loads more expensive than drugstore, but some don't last that long so I would definitely stick to drugstore if you want to save some money.

Eyeshadow - In my opinion I think high-end eyeshadows  are so worth the money. I hate to admit it but I only have two eyeshadow palettes, one high-end and one drugstore. I love my drugstore palette, it's the collection eyes uncovered nude palette but the longevity is extremely contrasting to my beloved Naked 3. Urban decay palletes are great if you're just getting into makeup as their consistency and longevity is amazing (they also have a varied range of shades). I definitely want to buy more in the future.

Mascara - drugstore is definitely a winner here... and they're usually over half the price of their high-end equivelant. I've tried benefit mascaras etc. and love them, but I don't really see a massive difference between them and drugstore mascaras (obviously there are some drugstore ones that aren't great). Especially as you go through mascaras every 3 or so months (that's how long you're meant to keep mascaras I think?) there's not much point in paying £20 every time - okay there's hardly any point. A nice treat, but if you don't need to buy a more expensive mascara, I wouldn't buy one.

Lip products - I think if you want to buy a high-end lip product - go for it! If you're just getting into makeup I would definitely look into Mac, as their lipsticks are more affordable that other high-end brands. However there are some drugstore lipsticks/glosses that are amazing and it's worth seeing what you'd like before you go and splurge on a high end lippy! 

I hope this post has helped some of you in decided whether you should splurge, or whether it would be best to save your money! 


Monday, 24 August 2015

The trainer guide: the more fashionable trainer

I love trainers but they can sometimes make my feet feel really clumpy (shout out to my Nike rosches). So to find some trainers that my feet feel and look good then that's great! Here's a few shoe options that I <3 and want to share my opinion with you

Black hi-top converse £59.99 - if I'm going to buy a pair of shoes they'll usually be black. The bottom line is black shoes go with pretty much every outfit choice and if I'm going to splash out on shoes I would rather buy a pair I would wear often - bright expensive trainers I can't justify buying. That said, if you know you're going to wear them - go for it! We all have our personal preferences so if you like bright shoes then buy bright shoes! I'm not so garish so I'll stick to black. My first choice of trainer are black hi-top converse. They're a great versatile shoe and pretty much go with every outfit. I love converse trainers and I definitely think the black ones are a staple shoe. They last a long time and I really think they are worth £60. The only downside is that you can't just slip converse on and go - although that's a pretty minor issue

Green Stan Smith Adidas £65 - I am obsessed with these shoes. They're just a gorgeous white shoe with green elements (I'm not paticulary a fan of all white shoes) and I love them. I own way to many basic shoes but I think these are just a little different and out of all the shoes on this post, these are my favourites *adidas loving right now*.

Topshop slip on shoes £20 - there are variations of these shoes in a lot of places and they're great cheaper option to more expensive branded shoes such as Nike or Adidas. Trainers really aren't cheap, so when you can find a good pair that is on the more affordable side of the market, that's really good! I would usually stay away from buying trainers from stores like primark though, because while they are really cheap - they don't really last that long. The trainers are easy to slip on and off and I totally don't own two pairs...

New balance trainers, from around £45 - New balance trainers in general are great trainers I think. There are lots of slightly different styles to suit different people and even their brighter trainers I really like. They don't feel or look clumpy and in my opinion are a really put together casual shoe (if that made any sense at all). 

Adidas originals £65 - another Adidas pair and I think these are so nice. Not quite as nice as the Stan Smith pair but sometimes you just need a classic monochrome shoe option (but who am I kidding, most of my shoes are monochrome - do I need any more?) I do love Adidas trainers though, they just seem to go with every outfit and they're still slightly cheaper than Nikes.

I don't always love the look of trainers, but there are definitely some I love! They aren't cheap, so I think you've got to really love them before you consider buying a pair... Happy shopping! 


Thursday, 20 August 2015

So I did some shopping whilst in France...

So I kind of surprised myself at how little face makeup I bought this holiday and the abundance of lip products. That was inevitable though knowing me... Therefore a haul is very much called for! I would do a fashion haul but I haven't really bought much new clothing lately, although let me know if you want one in the future! 

So duty free was kind of a let down - I was all ready to buy the Nars sheer glow yet they didn't actually sell it (which is odd because they sold the luminous weightless one) so I just bought the Nars smudge proof eyeshadow base. I've needed an eyeshadow base for such a long time and this Nars one seems like a hidden gem. No one really raves about it but the reviews I've all read are fantastic so I'll feed back on how it fares!

When I was in Italy I tried the Ginzeng face mask from sephora and it was great! I could instantly see a difference in the brightness of my skin - it didn't really last but it was a nice refresh for my skin! After reading reviews of the masks, I came to the conclusion that the honey and green tea masks were the most raved about. The honey mask is for nourishing and balancing (so for moisture) and the green tea mask is for mattifying and anti-blemish. I have no idea why I only bought one of green tea masks, but my skin doesn't really need mattifying so it wasn't paticulary one I needed. I'll definitely be using these masks when my skin needs more nourishing and when I'm having a relaxing pamper day (if only Sephora was nearer...) 

Whilst I didn't purchase this lipstick for myself (something I very much regret) I thought I would still put it in this post. I bought it for my friend who purchased this when we were in Italy and needed to buy it again because she'd used it all up! The Sephora lipstick is in the shade charmer and it's the most gorgeous pinky/nude shade... Okay maybe I don't need it after all! I also repurchased one of my beloved lip creams in infinite rose. I seriously love this lip product as it has slight shimmer in (something I don't usually like) and it really enhances the colour of the lip product - I love it! 

I bought one of my Mac lipsticks at duty free (Mehr - on the right) and because they didn't have Kinda Sexy in the airport I bought it in France. The rate is better from euros to pounds and I really wanted this lipstick so I thought why not buy it now? I absolutely love both of these lipsticks and genuinely think they could be my favourite Mac lipsticks. They're both matte which is my favourite formula as the creamy ones tend to split on my lips (anyone else find this with Mac lipsticks)? 

I hope you've all enjoyed reading my purchases from France and I'll be back on Monday with a new post! 

Monday, 17 August 2015

A postcard from France: Nice

So last week I went on holiday to Nice in the south of France! The weather was gorgeous and I actually got a slight tan *just hoping it lasts*. Here are a few photos from the holiday! 

The views from places were absolutely stunning and it was great just to explore the different places in the South of France. Also a trip to sephora was very much needed! My France haul will be up on Thursday so stay tuned for that! 

When we went to Monaco/Monte Carlo for the day there was the cutest Ladurée exhibition/showcase and the roundabout was adorable so that meant pictures *obviously*. The views were also great in Monaco and we visited the palace that was there (unfortunately the photos didn't make the cut for this post).

The town centre was so gorgeous and bright, the buildings were a gorgeous burnt orange colour and I just LOVE European buildings - they're just so much more interesting than English buildings (no offence intended) and they're so beautiful!

I hope you've enjoyed looking at a few photos from my trip to Nice! Hope you've all had a great start to the week as well! 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Summer holiday makeup

When this post goes up I'll be on holiday (very much excite). On my summer holiday I probably won't wear much makeup at all - a waterproof mascara and something to fill in my eyebrows and I'm good to go for the day! This is the general case if the place I'm going is warm, but I still bring all my makeup for nights out/if the weather changes therefore I thought I'd share with you the makeup I bring!

I'll obviously pack a primer as I want my base to last, then I'll pack my base of choice, this being the Bourjois cc cream as I find it great in warmer weather. With concealer I usually bring two - one for under the eyes and one for spots etc. (although I do find in warmer places I end up having really clear skin). Powder is a necessity, my MAC studio fix is my holy grail powder, I know a lot of people can find it cakey but I love it and bring it literally everywhere (even though it's hit pan which makes my want to cry). To add some colour to my face I'll bring a bronzer and a liquid blush (for longevity in the warm weather). The Benefit Lolli-tint is a great option for this! (Even if I didn't include it in the photo).

For brows it's just a simple brow product, my Soap and Glory brow archery is my favourite at the moment! As much as I wanted to bring my Naked 3 palette it's wayy to big to bring on holiday so the naked basics palette is just perfect for the eyes. You can create a simple eye but also a lovely smoky eye so it's quite versatile. I always bring two mascaras, the one I use everyday (just incase I need it on a day out) and a waterproof mascara because that's very much needed for the beach/swimming pool. I've already tried and tested the Maybelline waterproof mascara and it's SO amazing! Lip products always seem to catch me out; I'll pack 2 then end up with 5 so this time I'm promising myself to pack light. I'll bring a lip balm, a bright lip option and a nude option as well. I'll also pack my nail varnishes just incase I need to repaint my nails on holiday so it's always handy. 

This is what's inside of my holiday makeup bag and it will easily last me the week! 


Thursday, 6 August 2015

Tips and tricks for saving money

Sometimes as much as I love shopping... I need to hold back on what I spend. Saving isn't exactly my forte, but recently I've found saving then buying something when I really want it is the best feeling and buying for the sake of it is definitely not (although I think we can all admit to it at some point).

So I thought I'd share my top tips for saving money: 

1. Know when is the right time to buy something and whether you can/should splurge or  save. I'm doing a post about splurging or saving on makeup later this month but when it comes to clothes I know I can definitely be swayed into items I'll only wear once or twice. When I'm shopping if I see something I really like, like a top etc. I'll see the different ways I can style it. If I can put together at least 3 different outfits then I'm on to a winner! This is all dependent on the price of the item/how much I wanted it though. Various shops take different variations on a certain trend so shop around and you may find some better deals in some shops than others! 

2. Go on a makeup/clothes ban. This is such a great way of saving when you want to buy something more pricey. For June and July I went on a makeup spending ban. It taught me to reuse what I already had and therefore I discovered old favourites - plus it meant I didn't spend money on makeup! Now it's August I can be a bit more lenient in what I buy (I've managed to save for some duty free buys when I go on holiday tomorrow)! A clothing spending ban can give you more money to spend on a nice staple piece of clothing and the ban can help you put new outfit ideas together - you just need to resist the urge to spend!

3. It applies more to makeup but write a list of things you want then in a week or so see if you still want it. I definitely find this tip useful. I find when I buy makeup on a wim I end up not using it as much as a makeup product I've wanted for a long time. Especially high end makeup as it's not cheap! So I'll write a wishlist then in a while I'll look back and see if I still want it. I also read at least 3 reviews of the product to see what people think of it. This is probably the most useful tip for me - the amount of money I've saved in not buying things is ridiculous using this handy idea but it also means I don't buy makeup that I don't use. 

4. Look around for the best deals. So when I'm book shopping I may go to Waterstones to look at the books, see what books are popular but then I would buy them for on Amazon. In doing this you may only save a few pounds but it's more than you'll save if you buy it from a bookstore. There are other ways you can do this with buying makeup or clothing online - are there any websites that have better deals? Is there a discount code? Many websites put the better discounts later on in the website (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) as more people are likely to shop then! It's a simple tip but may come in handy! 

5. Have a little jar and when you have one pound, 50p or any loose change and don't open the jar for a couple of months. Whenever I go out somewhere I check my purse and if I have a pound etc. I'll put it in the jar and after a couple of months I'll see how much I've got. It's such an easy idea but I genuinely save up quite a bit by doing this! £1 may not seem like much but it can amount to much more! 

I hope some of these have helped you in some way with these little tips for saving! Let me know your top tips down below if you have any! 

Monday, 3 August 2015

The under eye concealer that's worth the hype

Concealers are something I'm not really willing to splash out on - there are perfectly good concealers on the high street and I've finally jumped on the band wagon of the maybelline age rewind concealer. This concealer has been raved about so much and I was very excited to find that my local superdrug finally stocked the lightest shade (after hunting for literally months to find it). Luckily, I was not disappointed. 

The only thing is I'm pretty sure I still didn't get the lightest shade, I got it in light but now I've seen that they do it in fair. Although I looked on the boots website and there are only two shades (I've got the lightest of the two). It's slightly annoying as I do think I could have gone a shade lighter (even though I think they only have the lighter shade in America) it's not too dark for my skin, but it's not as light as my much loved collection concealer. So if you have really pale skin or darker skin tones I would be aware of the restricting shade range. Concealer shades aside this has been a product definitely on my favourites.

The first time I applied this I knew it was going to be a product I LOVE. The concealer glides on the skin so easily although I had to blend it briskly as I found that it dried quite quickly. It doesn't feel or look cakey and doesn't crease on the skin at all. I can see a difference in the brightness of my skin and cannot stress how nice it feels on the skin. After a day of wearing the concealer it still wasn't cakey. It was slightly creased but that's understandable as I'd been out all day - I didn't expect it to be magic. 
I'm seriously so glad I succumbed to the hype as I know I will definitely repurchase. 

Some people say that they find this concealer to be drying and creasing although despite the fact I have dry skin I don't find this at all. Regardless of some peoples option I love this concealer so much and for £7.99 it's worth buying if you're looking for a new concealer!  

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