Monday, 27 July 2015

Please say it's still summer...

Summer is in full swing (except in Britain the weather has declined and we have been greeted with dull, boring weather) so I thought I would share with you some of the things I've been lusting over (making sure it is not too dull) recently. Now a Daniel Wellington watch is something I've wanted for such a long time, by no means this month I'll actually buy one - the price just isn't appealing at all - despite this it won't stop me from putting it in a wishlist! The sleek style of one is just gorgeous and I don't think it's likely to go out of style now or any time soon; time to save right? I've also seen striped shirts just about everywhere, the one in the wishlist I can't seem to find in the Topshop store and I'd rather try it on before I buy it! So the hunt continues for a striped shirt (still haven't got over my stripes addiction just yet!) I think one of these shirts would be great for a colder summer day or going into pre-autumn *slowly avoids the fact everyone is already talking about pre-autumn clothing*. I saw the embroidered shorts on Lucy and Lydia's Little Mix video and fell in with them, that is till I saw the price! £60 for a pair of shorts is way more than I thought they would be, therefore my love for them slightly decreased. Nevertheless I do still really like them and I will just have to cope with the fact I'll never get to actually wear them. At the end of the day though they are just a pair of shorts and I'll most likely forget about them in the next month or so! An item I stumbled on whilst scrolling through the Topshop app (definitely do not download this app if you are trying to save) the floral bomber jacket caught my eye. It looks INCREDIBLE! Whilst it may not be the most versatile piece, basically my whole wardrobe is basic tees so a splash of colour would be perfect! I love the style of bombers and this one is no exception - it's gorgeous and I now wish I hadn't gone onto the Topshop app... 

Are there any summer pieces you've been itching to get your hands on? Or have you started thinking about your pre-autumn wardrobe *silently cries at the fact there's only like a month of summer left*?

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The bright girl guide

Yikes, I hate wearing red, garish lips so much - two years ago I would've probably bought about five from boots or superdrug, I was just getting into makeup, but why I thought that buying red lipsticks were a necessary at that point I have no idea. Trust me, I wore probably one of them once - let's just say I wasn't the greatest buyer when I first started wearing makeup...

Two years later and my loathing for a red lip hasn't really changed. I love the look on people but on me I feel it looks so fake - yet it doesn't mean I don't have to stray away from bright colours all together, maybe pink is just more my vibe (although something you don't know is I LOVE dark red lips for winter). 

The first red lipstick I actually wore was Topshop's Rio Rio, it also still happens to be the only topshop lipstick I own - which is surprising because I love the texture of the lipstick! It's a very bright red and is one of Topshop's signature shades as it's currently available in the special rose gold packaging so it must be popular! In my opinion, if you want to try out red lipstick, don't go for a Mac lipstick, because what if you hate it? Save a bit of money and buy a topshop/drugstore one instead - if you like it, then you can splash out on a Mac! (Ruby woo looks incredible for a red lip with slight pink undertones!) A lipstick I'm pretty sure Zoella loves is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 110 (why can't they have cute names)? It's a more orange toned red and not really my favourite - maybe if I was more confident, but unfortunately I'm not so I'm STAYING AWAY FROM ORANGE. If you're only just starting wearing a bold red lip I would stay away from orange tones (unless you know you suit it or love it).
For a sheerer alternative (and one I actually feel comfortable wearing) the revlon lip butter in candy apple is a great option. Revlon lip products should be raved on about so much more than they are, all the ones I've tried are fantastic and at such a great price. The revlon lip butters are no different, they're gorgeous for summer as well - a tint of colour with a surge of moisturisation! Candy apple is a gorgeous red, the other shade in the range that would be perfect is cherry tart - a deeper red. I might have to purchase that as I've seen swatches and it looks gorgeous!

If you're not so comfortable with going all out for a bright red this summer, why not go for a pink? This may look surprising but the bourjois rouge edition velvet lipstick in nudist and happy nude year are not quite nude. For me they're more a bright nude, especially happy nude year. I love the formula and the lasting power of the lip stain/liquid lipstick is so good but the shades don't match the name! Despite this, I love these lipsticks for a more toned down bright lip option. Another great bright lipstick is a deep pink from MAC called crosswires. For someone who's not that comfortable with wearing bright colours - I LOVE this lipstick! As a creamsheen it's buildable which is great!

Just a few lip options for the person who may be scared of wearing a bright lip. I'm going to be totally honest here, writing this post has actually made me more confident to wear a bright lip! Maybe this summer I'll actually wear one outside!! 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Blogs/YouTube channels worth a look at #1

I watch YouTube and read blogs way to much, there's just no denying it - the fact there's always going to be something new is so exciting (I do have a life outside this don't worry though). There comes to a point where I love finding new blogs/YouTube channels. So I thought I'd share a few blogs and channels I've been loving lately and think you should check out too! 

ICovetThee - so I've been following Alix's blog for a while, but only recently realised she had a YouTube! I love her videos very much as they seem so real, compared to other youtubers that I feel have a sort of facade (I can't quite put my finger on it but they don't always seem honest about what they're saying). She's quite a big YouTuber, but it doesn't detract from her videos at all and I love her channel! Alix just talks about things that I feel I could take advice from and when she recommends a product, I want it so much and I think that's a real mark of a great blogger/youtuber! If you haven't seen her YouTube yet - watch it! You won't be disappointed!

Instagram: @icovetthee
Twitter: @icovetthee

TayloredBeautyI love this girl so much! Her blog posts are so chatty and I genuinely feel whatever she's recommending is worth it! We could have endless chats about Nars or the latest drugstore buys (ah I do love a good chat about beauty items). Taylor's Instagram is also great as well, her backgrounds are always so creative and I took inspiration from one for the photo at the top of this post! She's one of those bloggers you read and feel you know her already and that's something I love in a blogger - there's a good balance between being personal in a blog post, whilst still talking about beauty products - seriously she's so worth the read!

Instagram - @tayloredbeauty_
Twitter - @tayloredbeauty_ 

JasmineHardingMakeup - Jasmine Harding's blog is so gorgeous and clean and her beauty posts are great! The first thing I have to say about her blog is the layout; it's so pretty and how she posts almost every day I don't know - but it means I always have a post to read! They're all very relevant to the beauty world right now, I feel her posts are all so professional yet user friendly and she seems a really nice genuine person!

Twitter: @jasminehmakeup

Layla Panam - a fashion blogger that I feel I can definitely take inspiration from is Layla Panan. Her style is simple yet so gorgeous and I literally love everything she wears! I must admit, I'm not usually a fan of fashion bloggers, I'll usually just scroll through their posts and look at outfits, without actually reading what goes with it, but with Layla I do! I always find myself wanting to know what she says about what she's wearing and I love all her blog posts! 

Instagram: @laylapanam
Twitter: @laylapanam

Sophblogsbeauty - since I started blogging early this year there is no denying I have read/found new blogs that I love! (Most of which are in this post.) Sophblogsbeauty was probably one of the first Instagram accounts I followed - her Instagram is @sophblogsbeauty and OMG her makeup collection is so enviable (serious makeup porn)! But her blog is so great as well! Her posts always contain content I find interesting, they focus on a variety of different things, ranging from a review of a shampoo or a makeup tutorial!

Instagram: @sophblogsbeauty
Twitter: @sophiedavo

Jasminetalksbeauty - Jasmine talks beauty is a blog I've been loving for a while. Her blog posts are definitely all ones I want to read, ranging from dupe posts to reviews of hyped products (regardless of whether I like reviews or not, knowing whether a hyped product is worth it or not is always handy)! They're always ones I'm eager to read and I can assure you I look forward to every post this girl writes! They're so new and fresh - never failing to make me want yet another beauty product (I'm still going strong on the makeup ban though!) I cannot rave about Jasmine enough!

All these blogs/channels are so great in my opinion and I can't believe they don't have more followers! I would love if you guys leave a comment below of any bloggers/YouTubers you been loving lately, as I'm always on the hunt for someone new to discover! 


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Let's talk staples: the White T-shirt

So there's no denying it, I wear a plain white tee way too often. If I don't know what to wear? Then I'll go for a white tee and jeans - trust me, I love white probably too much. People say that if you find a white top that's just perfect it can last you for years. I don't think I've quite found the perfect white top - my favourite happens to be just too big (despite it being the smallest size, Zara woes) so I'm still on the hunt. I have about 5 plain white tees; what did tell you, I'm obsessed!

In terms of styling white tops, the world is your oyster. There's outfits for a cropped white tshirt (still need to get my hands on a Brandy Melville tee) and there's also outfits for those days were you just need to put an outfit together in five minutes - because we all have those days where we are in a rush! But don't forget that you can dress up a white tshirt, they definitely don't have to be just for casual occasions! If anyone doesn't know, I've been Pinterest obsessed lately, so I thought I'd show you some outfit ideas from there! If you want to follow me on the app my username is @eleanorclaudie *blushes because cheeky self promo* and I would love to see all your boards/pins as well! 

Rewind a few years and my childhood basically entailed wearing a plethora of dungarees, the easy way to put together a cute outfit (yes, I did just say 'cute outfit' - clothing can be adorable) although this was when I was about five. Would I wear them now? Hella yes. I love the look of dungarees and a white tee (especially the look on the far right) it just looks so effortless and extremely perfect for summer. Styled with some trainers, this casual look is a great way to style a white top. 

For a more dressed up option there's the trousers/white tee combo. Trousers are a brilliant way to add a more dressy feel to the look, without being overly formal. My favourite look out of the four here is the one on the far left as I love the grey, slightly unfitted trouser look right now. 

And finally here's a look that is the most effortless, casual look of them all... The white tee and jeans. Change it up by adding some heels, or a statement necklace and your look instantly changes! Alternatively you could add a tartan shirt to wrap around your waist or a leather jacket to add an extra something to the casual look. Generally this is the look I'll go back to when I don't know what to wear, as you can't really go wrong with a look like this! 

Here's only three ways to style a simple white tee, but it's a staple item in your wardrobe and there's just so many ways that you can create a gorgeous outfit with this clothing item! 


Monday, 13 July 2015

25 blog post ideas

I always love reading these type of posts when I'm stuck for blog post ideas, when the world of beauty and fashion is changing so often, it can sometimes be hard to blog about all the latest beauty products that can often be quite expensive. I find a lot of blogs are heavily based on reviews (I know I do review posts but that's because I do want you guys to hear my thoughts!) whilst I love reading reviews I do like changing my posts up and not always stick with the same posts!

So here are 25 blog post ideas you might want to write!

1. Monthly favourites - here's one post every month guaranteed. I do mine in a more casual style, so I do five things I've. (beauty, fashion or lifestyle) and just generally talk about why I love that thing in particular.
2. Beauty or fashion wishlist - I'll let you into a little secret here; this is usually the post I do when I don't have any inspiration. It's just fun to write about clothes you want to buy or beauty products that have caught your eye. I usually do either a fashion or beauty wishlist once a month!
3. Blogs/YouTube channels you've been loving - I LOVE these posts! Especially the ones on youtubers that you've been loving as I love finding new youtubers to watch! 
4. A post on a particular makeup product - so focus on primers and talk about your favourite primers. Or a somewhat easier makeup product to talk about its lipsticks. Do a post on your favourite pink lipsticks etc. These are posts I definitely like to see! 
5. Q&A - these don't have to be specifically for YouTube! Just ask for some questions and write your answers - hey presto you've got yourself a blog post! 
6. Makeup/fashion inspiration - who do you get your clothes inspiration from? Are there any bloggers who's styles you love? Makeup looks you can't get enough of? 
7. Updated makeup routine - talk about what you like to put on your face and why - simple! 
8. Products you regret buying - anything you've bought and hated? Chances are people are going to want to know why you don't like it - so why not write about it? 
9. Things to do when you're bored - I love watching these videos on YouTube but it doesn't mean it can't be a blog post! We all get bored so some ideas on what to do would be a great idea! 
10. Makeup haul - I'm not going to lie here, I think it's hard to write about a fashion haul. It's much easier to see clothing items in a video. But I think with makeup it's alright to in either format! So show the gorgeous makeup you've bought recently.
11. Outfit of the day/week - share of what you've been wearing that day/week, people love some outfit inspiration!
12. Nail ideas/tutorials - I don't usually put nail art on my nails, but I love seeing some fun nail ideas. Whether that's just plain nails colours or nail art it's a great idea! 
13. Favourite Instagram accounts - Instagram accounts you're totally loving right now - chances are people will wanna see them too!
14. Any advice you think would help people - advice posts are great and definitely can be relatable to other people - why not help people?
15. Review something you recently brought - reviews don't hurt every once in a while!
16. What you do to save money - these posts are AWESOME! When trying to save for things these posts are so handy to read - so if you have any tips - share them! 
17. What's in your bag? - because yes, we are all that nosey!
18. Five high end products worth buying - it doesn't have to be five, just high end products you think people should buy! It's great for people just getting into makeup! 
19. What makes you feel good - talk about things that make you happy etc.
20. Photography tips - what angles do you take photos at, any backgrounds you love using for photos. What Instagram filters do you use? Everyone loves a photography tips post!  
21. A list of singers/bands you're loving right now - talk about your favourite songs from them, I know I definitely love finding new artists and I'm sure other people would love to as well! 
22. Simple smoothie recipes - smoothie recipes that everyone can try are a great idea. They're healthy, but keep it simple because recipes that have lots of obscure ingredients could put people off! 
23. Have a chat about something that means a lot to you - do a post from the heart <3 
24. Talk about a specific clothing item - take a clothing staple and say how you would style it/what you would style it with. I definitely love these types of posts!
25. Do a facts about you post - let your blog readers get to know you! Break the internet barrier with some facts about you! 

I hope this post may have helped some of you who are stuck for new ideas! Let me know your favourite posts to read in the comments below! 

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Pretty in pink

Peachy tones have been my go to lately (or always, I love them!!) summer is when all the peach goodness comes out, in the eyes, lips, cheeks - gawd there's no escaping it!
However it doesn't mean I've neglected all my pretty pink products, I still love a barbie pink lipstick (even though there's definitely a line of how much to apply)!

The easiest way to incorporate pink into your makeup is through lipstick/lipgloss etc. A while ago I did a post on my favourite pink lips from MAC, so I'll link that here. But I've chosen for this post a MAC lipglass in 'forever rose' a gorgeous deep pink lipgloss and a matte lipstick in 'please me'. Forever rose has such beautiful undertones, it was the first MAC product I ever brought and I'm so glad I did - a MAC obsessive was born! These are both great everyday lip options (the lipgloss builds up so it's not that offensive first application) and I love them! Shout out to please me for being my perfect pink though, I cannot get enough of it at the moment (another good buy from MAC if you're just starting to get into makeup)!

I forgot to put any eye options in the photo, but if I wanted to include a pink splash into my eye looks, I would use the maybelline colour tattoo in eternal pink - a beautiful creamy pink base for any other eye shadows you want to put on top. I love the maybelline colour tattoos for a budget base, they're extremely creamy and do last a long time - on and on bronze is another bronzey shade from the range i absolutely love! 

If you just wanted a pink glow on the cheeks, an old favourite of mine Topshop blush in morning dew (I've linked one similar as I'm not sure if morning dew has been discontinued or not) it's great for a quick wash of colour. Lollitint is great for that same wash of colour as well, they are both great for the warmer months as they are cream/liquid! Another blush I've been loving lately is from MaxFactor. The colour payoff for this blush in seductive pink is gorgeous and if you haven't had a look at any of the MaxFactor blushes then do! The shades are IN-CREDIBLE and I will definitely be buying more in the future! I don't always tend to go with a pink lip, it usually tends to be a nude - so the easiest way to include pink in my makeup is definitely through a blush of some kind. Seductive pink is just a quick application and you're set to go!

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