Thursday, 21 May 2015

When travelling I take...


The day I'm posting this I'm flying to Italy! I'm so excited and if you want to see what I get up to throughout this week follow my Instagram @eleanorclaudie *totally not self promo* so I thought it would be fitting to do a post on what I take to the airport and on the plane! 

I couldn't leave without a book or magazine to keep me amused on the plane. It's not a long journey so there won't be any TVs and I get bored so easily on flights so I love just reading a book or magazine, definitely one to bring on a plane! 

If went on holiday without my glasses I think I would cry, being short sighted isn't fun, but it does mean I get to have snazzy glasses *totally trying to bring back the word snazzy*, therefore an essential for flying. I'll also bring sunglasses depending where you are flying to as you don't want to be caught short being blinded by the sun! 

Despite the 100ml rule, I'm always slightly scared that I'll bring too much. Maybe on longer flights I would be more tempted to bring a face mask etc. but for a short haul flight I'll let my skin breathe for a bit. So the only skincare I'll bring on the flight is a little carmex pot, my lips won't worry about going dry during the flight and I won't have to worry about the rule! Maybe I'll bring a powder just to top up but other than mascara, powder and possibly a bb cream I'll keep the makeup to a minimum. 

I never leave the house without my phone so obviously I bring that to an airport, but I'll also bring headphones if I want to listen to music. For me it's an essential. If I want tie my hair up on the flight (despite having short hair I still hate it hanging in my face) I'll bring some hair bands. I'm loving these ones that I got from Urban Outfitters, they may not be cheap but I've had them for 3 months and still haven't lost them! Basically a record for someone who loses everything. 

Finally what could I not leave without for an airport? Money for duty free! Therefore  I always save up before going on holiday just in case I see a bargain I like. High-end discounts here I come! 

Realistically a flight for me is all about relaxing, taking time for yourself to do what you want before you land. Depending what you're doing at your destination it may be the only time you really get to sit back and relax. 


Monday, 18 May 2015

Nip and Fab serum

Entering the world of serums, it can be quite daunting. Until recently I didn't have a clue what a serum was, what it did and how it was meant to help your help your skin. The difference between a serum and a moisturiser is the serum is to get added nutrients into deeper layers of the skin that your regular moisturiser can't reach. It's applied after your toner and before your moisturiser. So it's almost like a skincare primer! 

I only really discovered serums about half a year ago, The Body Shop ones are very fab, but then I stumbled on Nip + Fab. It came to my attention when Kylie Jenner was announced as the ambassador for the brand. I thought this serum was a good first product from the brand. I'd never really seen any reviews from anything from nip and fab, so I was totally in the dark for whether this would be good or not. 
Nip and Fab are the sister brand for Rodial, a brand I've now discovered have a popular Dragon’s Blood line, one which has inspired this range. The Nip + Fab FIX range has the agenda, to plump and hydrate the skin and the line utilises quite similar ingredients including hyaluronic acid and the all important dragon’s blood. It may be intimidating if you're only just getting into makeup and skincare, however if you saw all the ingredients that went into makeup products I think we'd all be shocked, so using hyaluronic acid isn't scary! The most intriguing part of the serum is the 'Dragon’s blood', but don't fear it is a powder that is taken from a tree called the Croton Lechleri tree, so no magic here (although don't worry, I didn't think that it was actually Dragon’s blood!)  
The product is fantastic! It's a daily product and it's meant to be applied in the morning and the evening, but I usually just use it in the evenings. It quickly sinks in the skin and doesn't leave it feeling wet and heavy (I can sometimes get this with moisturisers, they just don't dry in my skin quickly,) so it's a speedy product. My skin instantly feels hydrated, it's like a surge of moisture - what's even better is that it has pretty interesting ingredients. The velvet flower in the serum enhances moisturisation to make your skin even more hydrated and if you're wondering what hyaluronic acid is it's a carbohydrate that occurs naturally in the body. Probably the only thing putting me off this product is the smell. I'm not too keen on it however I've kind of got used to the scent as I've been using it so often; I still recommend smelling it before you buy it! At £19.95 it's on the mid range of the skincare spectrum, on a par with the price of some of The Body Shop products - it's great value for a serum in my opinion.
Despite not having a clue what a serum was till a while ago, I feel I really know what it does to help my skin and don't look back! I'd be genuinely interested to try the other products in the range so let me know if you have and your thoughts!  

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Following the trend: the 90s neck

Trends are something you can either love or loathe, they come and go - but the 90s style neck is one that has been around for a while - I definitely love it! In my opinion it's a fast way to make a strappy top and jeans more dressed up and you can wear it quite a few ways!

A trend that will no doubt stay till the summer, these style of neck have been seen on celebrities such as Emma Waston, it's nothing new and is certainly not an upcoming trend but I thought I'd spotlight the 90s neckline to show the range of outfits you can conjour up with this simple style.

The first outfit idea is just a halterneck top and jeans. Usually the tops are cropped so I'll pair it with high-waisted shorts/jeans/skirts, especially for a more decent look. My favourite high waisted jeans are from Miss Selfridge, they don't move out of place and I find last a lot longer than the Topshop Joni jeans. The only downside is they don't have specific leg lengths, the petite length is perfect for my height though (5ft 3)! I think this style would be great for casual look or dress it up with a skirt - the black top above literally goes with everything!

Another idea is playsuits or dresses, they're great for parties and are so simple you won't be worried that your look is too bold or daring - sometimes you just want to play it safe with what you're wearing! I have a love/hate relationship with playsuits. I think they look great on other people but on myself they just sit weirdly, annoying because I think they're great for summer and on the go! The ASOS playsuit below looks gorgeous and I think the halter neck/90s neckline just adds something to what could be just a boring outfit - I love it a lot. If only playsuits suited me! 

I hope this gave you a bit of inspiration and that this trend doesn't disappear any time soon! I'm loving the 90s look! 

Left - Right  Asos 90s Halter playsuit, Emma Watson at 2014 Noah Premiere


Monday, 11 May 2015

Updating my makeup bag

Spring makeup = dewy, rosy and gloriously glowing. It's really not that hard to achieve and with a few changes in your beauty box you'll be set for spring into summer.
For bases I still don't want to be really light as the weather isn't boiling and I've been loving the Bourjois healthy mix foundation lately, I don't feel like my skin is weighed down at all by this foundation and I would definitely try it if you're looking for a new foundation. I also love the Bourjois 123 colour perfecting CC cream but I couldn't mention that in every post could I? Despite my loathing of Benefit's high beam in my 'spotlight on Benefit' post a while ago, I think I've been converted. Perhaps I was applying it wrong but now I really like it! I think using a brush doesn't help as it takes ages to blend that way, I just use my fingers - and don't apply too much as that can be awful!

Despite being quite pale and finding it hard to find a bronzer that's cool enough for my skin, I thought spring is a great time to branch out of my comfort zone. After seeing a recent Essie Button video (oh how I love that girl) I really wanted to try a more orange/slightly shimmery bronzer. I dug out my L'Oreal Paris Glam Bronze in 6 and was really impressed with the results - mixed in with my usual blush it created a really nice tone that I wouldn't of had otherwise, I think it would be great for spring as it really lifted my face up. With the highlight as well it was practically glowing (in a good way of course) - thanks Essie!

Keeping it pretty neutral with my eyes and eyebrows in the spring as I think it's nice to have a more natural look, with the colour on the cheeks, you don't want look like you're wearing the whole makeup counter, although this shouldn't be the case with any makeup look! Soap and Glory brow archery epitomizes my love for natural brows and I don't think I will ever hate the Naked 3 palette, perfect for spring.

With neutrals eyes and glowing skin I thought I would go for a pop of colour on the lips. Look no further than a corally bright pink (I will always have a thing for coral lips they're just gorgeous)! Mac crosswires and NARs Niagara are quite similar (I did a full review of the NARs lipstick here), and I cannot stop wearing them at this time of the year! Its an easy way to brighten up your face without looking like a doll, I love it! The pink is gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it out more.

Is there anything that you have changed in your makeup bag for spring or anything you'd like to try? Let me know in the comments below!


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Why do we wear makeup: a teenage perspective

A while ago someone asked me why I wear makeup and I replied because it makes me confident; I think they didn't quite realise why it made me confident, the fact is although they may think I don't look any different with or without makeup - makeup makes me confident in the sense that it just makes me feel prettier, from the inside out I'm a much more confident person when wear it. But it made me think: why do we wear makeup? 

When talking makeup and why women should wear it, I think it's quite a blurred picture. The media say you should wear it if you want to wear it, because it's fun and not any other reasons but on the other hand companies are also trying to sell us things that we 'need' to use - like we were doing are makeup all wrong before. Makeup is fun and we should all wear it because we want to wear it and not because we feel we have to - that isn't always the case though. 

When growing up nowadays I feel there's a lot more pressure to fit in, whether that is makeup or fashion - it all counts. But why wear makeup? As beauty bloggers promote that we should wear makeup for for fun, to play with all the different textures and looks etc. teenagers may find it to see this, and there's a fine line between wanting to wear it and feeling like you have to.

Is it just me who feels this? Girls are having a lot more pressure to look good, but that also comes with self confidence issues as well. I asked a couple of my friends why they wear makeup and this was their responses; 

"I wear makeup because I feel like I need to because without it I just look awful."

"Makeup gives me confidence." 

"I wear makeup because I feel insecure without it." 

So from a 14 year olds perspective to makeup it is like it's a second skin, enhances confidence and generally makes us feel that we need to wear it. Do we? No that's the simple answer. We don't need makeup but it helps us to be more confident and I think every woman should be confident in their own skin - whether that's wearing makeup or not.

We don't put makeup on to impress people, makeup makes us feel fantastic. It's for making us happy, confident beings, a step to living a healthy and upbeat life. Whether it's wearing makeup or not - it should be there to make us smile (I certainly do when I get a new cosmetic product). It's you're choice what you wear and other people shouldn't tell you when and why you should use it. 

The bottom line? We are all beautiful no matter what you put on your face. Want to wear makeup? Fine. Don't want to wear makeup? That's also fine. Just don't let the media or people around you tell you otherwise - you're beautiful no matter how you choose to show it on the outside. 


Monday, 4 May 2015

Uncover a beautiful nude palette

Collection's eyes uncovered palette is nothing entirely new to the bloggers world, they've been floating about the shops since February this year, but recently I've been using it a lot to create a subtle nude look. The palettes come in three shades - nude, grey nude and grey bronze, the one above being nude. Despite loving bold looks, nude eyes are my go to staple look - it's versatile, quick and easy. The collection palette is nothing new to this area of makeup. 

I have to say, I am pretty impressed with this palette - the colour pay off isn't incredible, but for £3.99 it's pretty good in the long run. Comparing it to the naked basics palette (a very similar product) it is no where near as good. But it is hard to match such a prestigious brand for eye shadows - and I think it's done a pretty good job. For a budget buy, a do-it-all palette is hard to come buy, yet I think collection have achieved it! 

A tip I've discovered due to my eyebrow pencil finishing (I wasn't organised and didn't buy a new one in advance *cry*) I managed to use this instead for the time being! Just mixing the third and fourth shades together with a slanted brush, I was good to go! 

If you're on the hunt for a basic everyday eye palette and don't know where to look, why not check out this one - you might be surprised!

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