Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pink lips with MAC

 Left - right | snobpink plaidangel
You can't really go wrong with a MAC lipstick and although I probably have way too many - I still want more. Isn't that always the case with makeup though? Their sleek black packaging is just so photogenic. Mind you, the formulas are just as incredible as well - as most of you will probably know. MAC do some gorgeous shades of nude and berry lipsticks, but here I'm going to talk about some variations of pink lips.
Snob (satin finish) is quite a cool pink, the photo doesn't do it justice, however in the photo does look a very pink lipstick (well obviously,) but in reality it just has the essence of a more cool toned shade. Applied too thickly it can look tacky in my opinion, but with the right makeup it can create a perfect light pink lip. A lot of my friends have snob, and I think much like angel, it is a good lipstick if you're just getting into makeup, and want to get your first MAC lipstick. Funny story is, I didn't intend to buy snob when I strolled to my nearest MAC counter, I'd swatched both 'please me' and 'snob' on my hand, and asked for snob, thinking it was the darker shade 'please me'. I only realised this till I got home - however I fell in love with it; so no complaints there (I did however also purchase please me, as you can see from down below)...

Please me (matte finish) is the most pinky shade out of all the lipsticks shown in my opinion, it's natural, yet can be bold if applied thickly. I absolutely love these types of lipstick, pinky yet muted, it's not too in your face. It is very pink, and slightly darker than the other shades; although I don't feel like it is darker on my lips. That has to be something I love with MAC, their lipsticks are all so buildable - which is great because it means I can create different looks.

Angel (frost finish) is a great 'your lips but better' shade. It was my first MAC lipstick (as you can see by the battered packaging) and out of all the lipsticks I would say it's the most wearable, adding some colour, but with the essence of a nude as well. For any newcomers with MAC, I couldn't recommend angel enough. Talking high-end makeup in general, if you're going to splurge I would go for something you know you're going to wear - not just hide in a drawer letting it build up with dust. I think angel ticks the criteria perfectly!

Are there any MAC pink lipsticks that you love? Or are there any on your wishlist you're thinking about purchasing soon?

Thursday, 19 March 2015

My style inspirations

Style really varies, what's in one minute is out the next, and growing up I think I find that one piece of clothing I loved last year I absolutely hate now (lets just say my wallet is crying,) so then I turn to trendsetters such as Alexa Chung, and the Jenners - here we have a look at my favourite celebrities for fashion inspo.

Alexa Chung
  Alexa chung has to be one of my favourite style icons out there, just the effortless look she has going on, ahh I'm in love. The denim peplum top has that Parisian feel about it, and she works it so well. If I was going to steal her style I would probably go for peplum tops, nothing revealing (a style I don't particularly like, why do we need to where hardly anything to look attractive?) I would also lean towards intricate patterns with Alexa, she just works them so well!
Suki Waterhouse
  Besides the slightly revealing crop top worn by Suki in the photo on the left, her style is just so gorgeous and floaty, the perfect feminine dresses really showing off just how beautiful she can be. The colour scheme she wears are just so delicate yet bold and for me this really reflects Suki as a person. I would say this is the hardest person out of my four style inspirations to 'recreate' as such, however it is style possible to achieve that whimsical look she so perfectly achieves. Delicate, floaty pieces, with some bold colours, and floral pieces as well - very feminine.
Kendall and Kylie Jenner
I couldn't do a style post without mentioning these gorgeous girls - behold Kylie and Kendall Jenner (obviously you know who they are already!) Their style is to die for! I think out of everyone mentioned, their style is one that can be 'stolen' the easiest, recreating looks with high street brands quite easily in my opinion! Their stylish 'smart casual' look is definitely utilised in the clothes they wear. Moment of happiness for me as both Kendall and Kylie are wearing a camel coat in the pictures - an item in my wardrobe I recently splashed out on. Kylie is still only 17 and although I think some of the things she wears are slightly revealing, her age really shows in the things she wears, as with Kendall as well.  To steal their 'style' I would think all black outfits, simple statment pieces, and not as much pattern worn. Simple yet sophisticated.

And of course, I get fashion inspiration from all of you! I think I'd be way more inept to the whole fashion industry without looking at fashion bloggers, in a future post I can do my favourite fbloggers if you like? I just love looking at peoples style and how it's influenced through trends and celebrities, yet everyone is so different when it comes to what they wear - I love it!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Jump into spring: nails

Winter is the period of the dark nail, and even though I'll continue to wear this going into spring, I thought I'd bring out the pastel colours. Ciate nail varnishes are just incredible, I've got mini ones from the mini mani month at Christmas, and the full size of these are £9, although I think they're definitely worth it. The greenish colour - apple and custard is perfect for this time of year,  although I can find outfits don't quite match with the shade. The shade I have been wearing literally every week is the light blue - chinchilla. I could rave on about this forever, I've gotten quite a few compliments when I wear it, and I can see why. I haven't seen a shade like this on the market as its more a greyish blue than most shades, and I'm so in love! The pastel purple - sugar plum is such a gorgeous purple shade, it's a classic light purple, with the most adorable name (ciates names a just so cute and also one of the reasons why I love the brand so much,) I think some of the issues with pastel colours, that if you're styling the polishes with outfits, they might not match. However, this purple shade I think would go with quite a lot of pieces, and I really like it!

Maybe not a pastel shade, the yellow nail polish loop the loop is more on the bright side of spring. I'm not the most adventurous of nail polish goers, and once I find a shade I love I'll probably wear it for a good while. So loop the loop is slightly out of my comfort zone, but you never know, I might wear it! The final shade is the light pink -amazing gracie. Transitioning into spring, I think although I would like to continue with neutrals and deeper shades, amazing gracie is just a gorgeous in between, you've got your pastel pink, yet it isn't too sheer that some people might assume, I'm so in love with this colour, and will continue to wear it throughout spring and into the summer months.

I don't forget to put my nail varnish saver Sally Hansen Double Duty Base this stuff literally is the best for a good appliance of nail varnish, and I haven't found a better base coat on the market! 

Happy Thursday everyone!


Monday, 2 March 2015

Handbag essentials: colab

Hi, I’m María a girl who has a little space on the Internet called where I share everything that I love and occasionally things that I dislike beauty and fashion related. I’m really exited to be writing for this amazing blog, thanks Eleanor for giving me this opportunity! 
Every girl has different things that they like to carry around with them and there is always at least one thing that you can't go out without. I thought I would share some of my bag essentials for when I going on a day out.
1.    My glasses
If you are one of those lucky people who have perfect vision then I envy you! Sadly I don’t have perfect vision and I can’t wear contacts so everywhere I go I need to make sure that I have my Coach glasses with me specially if I’m the one driving. 
2.    Headphones
Because not everyone appreciates my taste in music. 
3.    Calendar and Pencil
This one is for the ones that forget about everything and need something to keep their lives in order like myself. I don’t know what is wrong with me but if I go out and don’t write the things that I’m supposed to do I just forget. I know I could use the calendar on my phone but one thing about me is that I don’t trust technology. 
4.    Phone and portable charger
This one is self-explanatory I think. Everyone needs a phone to survive right?
5.    Lipstick and Lip balm
Is really rare of me to remember to reapply my lipstick but for some reason I still carry it around with me. The lip balm is a must!!
6.    Snacks
And finally my last handbag essential for a day out is a snack or snacks. I usually have a Nature Valley granola bar with me they are really good.

Thank you Eleanor for letting me invade your blog!
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