Thursday, 31 December 2015

Reflecting on 2015

This year has been one filled with memories, changes and new beginnings but I think 2015 maybe have to take the throne for the best year yet. 2015 saw me starting a blog; a venture I'm so glad j did. Taking a look back at the start of the year I never thought I'd take the plunge and actually write my first blog post... But I did! I never thought I'd enjoy blogging as much as I have and that's all thanks to the people reading these posts - thank you!

Travelling this year has been an amazing experience - going to both France and Italy. I am so grateful for these experiences and I honestly love traveling so much.

Combating my anxiety is also something I've been doing this year. I don't really talk about it on my blog but if that is something anyone wants me to talk about then leave a comment down below! 

Also this year I've really tried to appreciate my friends and value their friendship: taking time out to spend time with them really made the year great and I'm so glad to call them my friends. 

Changing my view of myself was something I wanted to do in 2015 as well, being more body positive and generally being more confident with who I am. I think I achieved that in the sense I can walk out the house with no makeup and still be confident and I am happy with who I am. Honestly that is one of the things I am most happy about in 2015, accepting who I am and being confident with that. 

I wish everyone a happy new year and see you in 2016! 

Monday, 28 December 2015

Fifteen favourites of 2015

It's hard to believe that 2015 is nearly over; this year has had a myriad of ups and downs but I can honestly say it has been one of the best years of my life. Along with the memories of the year of course I have my favourites! I thought I'd mix my 2015 favourites up by limiting it to fifteen - with a mix of makeup and lifestyle. 

My makeup collection has been almost reinvented this year. When I started this blog early this year I didn't realise how much my makeup collection would grow! Instead of spending money on drugstore I decided to save up and buy more expensive makeup more often, and in turn I'm much happier with the makeup that I own. That said there are a couple of drugstore favourites that have made my 2015 favourites too! The Body Shop insta blur has been my favourite primer for most of the year, it doesn't break me out and is a perfect base for my makeup, it's amazing and I have a feeling it will be a firm favourite in 2016 as well! A recent favourite of mine that has creeped it's way to the top spot for foundation this year is the Nars sheer glow foundation. Despite it being incredibly hyped I was slightly cynical when I bought it - was it really going to be as good as everyone said? Yes it was. It blends gorgeously and you can build it up without it looking cakey - not to mention the longevity is astounding (although the Body Shop primer could have something to do with it as well)! 

A face combo that I have LOVED this year is the Laguna bronzer and the Balm Mary Lou Manizer. You're properly tired of me talking about these two beauties so much but if there is a bronzer and highlighter you need it is these two. The bronzer isn't too muddy and the highlighter isn't too shimmery; they are the perfect combination. 

Another Nars product that has changed the way I apply eyeshadow is the smudge proof eyeshadow base. A lot of people rave about the Urban Decay primer but in my opinion this is much better. My eyeshadow stays on all day and you can't feel it at all - it's a winner in my books. A brand that I only discovered this year is Kiko and their products are amazing for the price! My favourite product from the brand is their long lasting eyesahdow stick. A dupe for the more expensive By Terry ombre black star, the eyeshadow stick is a major contender against its high-end counterpart - the pigment is stunning and it is definitely long lasting! My last two makeup favourites are the Mac lipsticks in Twig and Brave. Twig is my go to lipstick when I have no idea what to wear and I find myself wearing it most days and Brave is 'my lips but better' lipstick: it could quite possibly be my perfect nude. 

Paired with the Mary Lou Manizer, the Real Techniques Bold Metals Tapered blush brush is perfect. Choosing a nail varnish favourite from the year was tricky but I decided on Plumberry by Essie - it's a gorgeous plum shade and I haven't really found anything quite like it! I love painting my nails and I definitely own too many, I may have to resist buying any more in 2016 although we know that will never happen!

I only picked two skincare favourites as there aren't many standout product that I would want to talk about in my 2015 favourites. A french brand that I have only discovered recently is the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse and damnnn this oil is amazing. Sometimes in the winter my skin can get some really dry patches but just a spray of this overnight can change that -  it's so hydrating; my skin feels so smooth and so after I've used it. The hunt for an eye makeup remover that doesn't sting my eyes is over! The Simple kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion has been used for the last 6 months and my eyes have yet to react. I nabbed it from my mum to test whether it stung my eyes or not as I have quite sensitive eyes and I've been using it ever since. It's totally afforable and I would definitely recommend it as a cheaper cleanser.

A couple of random favourites are the Dressmaker film, I'll give you the sun book and avocados. The Dressmaker is a film that left me in shock (and tears), it is an incredibly unusual film and I was on the edge of my seat for most of it - I would thoroughly recommend. I'll give you the sun was the sweetest book and I absolutely loved reading it, the characters are so well developed and the story was amazing too. Why did I put avocados in my 2015 favourites? Well because they are absolutely amazing that is why, I tried one this year and now I can't go a week without one *eats half of one whilst writing this*.

If you made it to the end of this post then well done! It has basically been one long ramble of what I've loved this year and I hope you've enjoyed reading them!


Monday, 21 December 2015

What does Christmas mean to me?

Photo from @kaylynweir on Instagram

I'm taking a little break from blogging over Christmas but don't worry, I'll be back on the 28th for my 2015 favourites! I thought I'd do a Christmas post where I just pour my heart out about what Christmas means to me (I promise it won't be too cheesy!)

Christmas is about spending time with family and friends and I've noticed a lot of people say that it is about giving. Now last year I probably would have said that a main part of Christmas is giving presents etc. but after this year I think it's all about giving time. Time is the one thing we can't buy and we live such busy lives it is sometimes hard to show how much people mean to you by spending time with them. I think it is one of the most valuable things you can give to someone and Christmas is the ideal time of year to show how much you love the people around you! 

I only really thought about what Christmas means to me as a result of spending the last few days with some of my best friends and family - I value spending time with them so much and the memories made with them are the best presents I could ever wish for.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and I'll see you all next week for a new post! Remember Christmas isn't all about the giving and it is also about religion as well, remember those most important to you and think about those who are not as fortunate as you <3 HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!


Monday, 23 November 2015

The internet and I

Click, click, click goes the keyboard whilst I'm writing this post. The internet and social media has become such a big part of my life, it's hard to think what I did without it. The pressure, the joys and the addiction have very much shaped who I am as a person. For the better or for the worse?

I would definitely say for the better, last year I would probably tell you that I hate the Internet and that it ruined my life but now? I think I've flipped my view completely. The pressures of social media are very much relevant here in my cultivated hatred towards the Internet. With fitness gurus and 'eat clean' Instagram pages, there is an abundance of 'healthy' sites that you feel you should probably be on right now. Isn't that so bad? Yes, there is nothing wrong with being healthy and exercising however the amount of teenagers and older girls that feel they have to have this lifestyle isn't good. Instead they should teach you about self love and being happy with who you are! I do feel a lot of pressure from social media and to put on a 'face' on the Internet. 

But it's not always all about the pressures of the Internet, there is a positive side. Through my blog I've managed to find a hobby that I enjoy and it's something to take my mind off of school work, stress and I find it relaxing as well. Since I started this blog I've actually spent less time on the Internet. Whilst I used to spend hours just mindlessly opening various social media apps and looking at what my friends are doing without me *major fomo right there*. But spending less time on the Internet meant that I cared less what other people were doing and more what I was doing and in turn I felt better in myself and less pressured by social media. So I encourage you to spend less time on the Internet if you can, don't cut it out completely because I know that's hard, but a little less a day might be might be good! 

I hope you're having a fabulous start to the week and I would love to know your thoughts on these type of posts - a sort of lifestyle/my view of an issue.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Mac lipstick collection 2015

Back row left - right | Kinda sexy, Velvet teddy, Angel, Snob
Front row left - right  | Please me, Mehr, Twig, Crosswires

I absolutely love MAC lipsticks, truth be told they're not the best lipsticks out there, but the shades are stunning and they're not the most expensive (the lower end of high end lipsticks). For someone who is just getting into makeup and wants a more expensive lipstick, MAC is an absolutely great option. At £15.50 they're a brilliant present idea or a treat for yourself without breaking the bank. My MAC lipstick collection isn't the hugest in the world but it is hardly the smallest. I'm grateful that I have all of these and in now way am I trying to show off the lipsticks that I have. They are all quite similar but I wouldn't want to buy more expensive lipsticks that I wouldn't wear (and I can tell the difference #justifyinglipsticks101). 

Kinda sexy | Matte finish - this is one of the lipsticks I wear the most. It looks incredibly similar to Velvet teddy in some lights however on the lips and swatched on my arm I think they look quite different. It is a peachy toned nude and I absolutely love it - it would suit a lot of skin tones and I think it is fitting for all seasons. Nudes are a great lipstick to start with if you're just getting into makeup; MAC do an extensive range with different finishes so there is something to suit everyone! 

Velvet teddy | Matte finish - the legendary Velvet teddy lipstick. Whilst I probably bought this mainly because of the hype surrounding it, I do love it as lipstick. Between Kinda sexy and Velvet teddy I would probably choose Kinda sexy, but that's most likely because I just think Kinda Sexy suits me better.

Angel | Frost finish - a much creamier lipstick in the form of a frost finish is Angel. I've gone on about this lipstick quite a lot and it is the first MAC lipstick I ever bought, which was around a year ago. It is a great first lipstick I think and I think it looks best just lightly dabbed on the lips as applied normally I think it can look a bit tacky. It's not my favourite formula of lipstick (I much prefer matte finishes) but I love shade. 

Snob | Satin finish - this is probably the only MAC lipstick I regret buying. It's a really barbie pink shade and I don't quite know what I was thinking when I bought it. It's wearable with other lipsticks but it is way to light and cool toned for me.

Please me | Matte finish - I honestly just love this rosy pink so much. I probably don't wear it as often as I would like to but I'm definitely more of a browner pink/peachy person. It is much more wearable than a shade like Snob though and I do still wear it - just not as often as my other lipsticks. I think I'd probably wear it more if it was a sheerer finish opposed to a matte, so if you have any dupes I'd love to know! 

Mehr | Matte finish - Mehr is what I call a grown up pink. It is more brown toned yet still not a nude and is slightly darker that your normal pink lipstick. I wear it quite often and people always seem to notice when I'm wearing it (for good reasons). 

Twig | Satin finish - A slightly more creamy formula than the matte lipsticks, MAC's Twig is probably my favourite lipstick. The lipstick is similar to Mehr in the bullet but when swatched it is clear that Twig is darker with definite brown tones. Whenever I don't know what to wear on my lips I usually just turn to Twig - it's a great lipstick for wearing in the day but I also think it looks totally great at night as well. A huge thumbs up from me! 

Crosswires | Cremesheen finish - the brightest lipstick I own from MAC yet I still wear it quite often. It is a gorgeous pink with corally undertones without being orangey or obviously a coral lipstick. I think it's great if you want a bright lipstick but don't know what to buy - Crosswires is a great option.

I hope you enjoyed reading my MAC lipstick collection and be sure to let me know your favourites!


Monday, 9 November 2015

50 facts about me

Tomorrow I turn 15 so I thought I'd do a little (or big) 50 facts about me post! I think it's a good way for you to get to know me more and I also don't think that I actually know 50 facts about myself... well I'll at least try!

1. My full name is Eleanor Claudie Pritchard.
2. Therefore the inspiration for my blog name was just my first and middle name (I know it's incredibly boring but I like it so I'm glad it's stuck).
3. My birthday is the 10th November 2000.
4. My all time favourite show is Gossip Girl (The Vampire Diaries is a close second). Chuck and Blair are my favourite TV couple - probably one of the reasons I love it so much.
5. I also love Once Upon a Time and the person who plays Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) is one of my celebrity crushes *heart eyes emoji*.
6. As you can probably already tell, I love makeup and clothes a little too much. 
7. Despite not being the biggest fan of chocolate (shocking I know) I'm absolutely obsessed with Oreos. Honestly they're like the only sweet thing I don't get bored of eating. 
8. The last fact was a lie. I'm also an fan of popcorn (sweet and salty - I love both)!
9. Once you get to know me I'm probably the most irritating person ever - in a good way... I think?
10. I have quite sensitive skin so I'm always on the hunt for products that don't irritate my skin (I currently have a skincare routine that I love. 
11. I cut my hair really short last year for charity.
12. After last year I've been growing my hair, although I keep getting it cut short as I kind of love it short.
13. People say I'm small but I'm 5ft 3 and I'm quite happy with the height I am (and at least Topshop have jeans short enough)! 
14. The one beauty item I cannot live without is lip balm - especially now that it's autumn/winter.
15. I like to buy clothes that won't go out of style quickly as I think they will last me longer. 
16. I have size 5 feet (which aren't the best when shoe shopping as there are so many people that are size 5 there are none left).
17. My favourite vegetable is broccoli, you totally didn't need to know that fact but I just love those green florets.
18. I am such a morning person. I love getting up early but I do love a lie in when I can have one!
19. My favourite restaurant is Wagamamas - I had my first one year and I absolutely love going there. If anyone's interested my favourite dish is the Yaki Soba.
20. I don't have any piercings. I'm not scared to get my ears pierced at all, I just don't really feel a need to get them done (maybe I'll get them done in the future though).
21. I also don't have any tattoos (due to my age) and don't really want any in the future - I think I would get bored really easily of the same drawing on my skin every day. 
22. I HATE celery. Honestly cannot think of a vegetable worse. 
23. I don't have a job yet although I would love to work in the fashion industry when I'm older.
24. I'm not great with scary films and I would never watch them at my own house as I think I wouldn't be able to sleep!
25. The lipstick I wear the most often is MAC's Twig. It's probably not my favourite lipstick but it's the one I gravitate to most and it's definitely up there with my top three faves.
26. If I had a super power I think it would be invisibility - I just think that would be so cool!
27. I LOVE rings. There's not much I can expand on that other than I have way too many and still want more!
28. I only play one instrument and that is the piano. I love playing and I also love listening to it as well - there's something so beautiful about the way it sounds.
29. I would like to think that I am a very positive person but everyone probably says that, I can definitely get anxious a lot of the time - I just find way to deal with it.
30. I really don't like junk food. Sometimes I'm literally craving it but I just can't see the attraction to it. 
31. I'm terrible at most sports.
32. Despite being terrible at most sports, I love dance and do Ballet.
33. I really dislike shows like the X factor, they're so staged and I don't know why so many people love them.
34. I am majorly scared of heights but whenever I do something that involves heights afterwards I feel amazing - so maybe I am slowly conquering my fear.
35. I'm also really scared of roller coasters and don't think I'll be conquering that fear anytime soon.
36. I get really distracted easily.
37. I want to go to a fashion show and hope someday I will.
38. My favourite place in the UK is London as I just love the atmosphere and the buzz of the city.
39. My second favourite place is Brighton, it's so cute and despite only going to Brighton once i'm in love with the place.
40. I love taking photos (one of the reasons why I started my blog) and hope to get a camera for Christmas!
41. I'm obsessed with watching YouTube videos and find that they really help me to relax.
42. Painting my nails is also one of my favourite ways to chill out and relax.
43. One of my favourite films is Notting Hill. My best friend made me watch it and I can't believe I'd never seen it before then - I love it!
44. When I'm older I really want to travel the world, much like a lot of people.
45. I have a kind of jumper obsession - I own too many of the same variation of jumper it's bad! Knowing me I'll still buy more though!
46. My Grandma is French so that makes me quarter French! I'm taking French for my GCSE's and I love the language although I'm definitely not the best at it 
47. I'm an only child and when I was younger I always wanted a brother or sister but I'm not too bothered now.
48. I used to worry a lot about what people thought of me but I don't really mind what people think of me know - haters gonna hate ya know.
49. My favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla or Ben and Jerry's cookie dough.
50. This is fact 50 and I can't believe I actually have 50 facts about myself so here's the last one - I love writing for my blog and I cant believe you all read it! Thank you so much <3 

That concludes my 50 facts about me post - if you got to the end then congrats! Leave me a comment below about your favourite 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Day to night looks #2 gold eyes

The second 'day to night' look (if you want to read the first look it's here) is a gold eye that you can easily transition from day to night with a corally pink lip (they actually go I promise)! 

For primer I'm always switching between my Body Shop Instablur and my Porefessional (they're my favourite primers) and I'm currently testing an Eve Lom primer so if I like it I'll let you know my thoughts in a future post. For a foundation that lasts all day the Nars Sheer Glow is a beautiful choice. I bought it last week and I can say it definitely lives up to the hype surrounding it. Despite the price tag I do think it's worth it and it lasts all day. A top up of powder throughout the day and you have a full proof base! With a dusting of the Benefit's hoola bronzer you're left with a simple yet stunning and most importantly long wearing base.

I'll do my brows in the morning and may redo them for the evening (depending on how much time I have and whether they need doing on not and apply the shade 'nude delight' from the palette above. The palette is one I've recently got and absolutely love - the Tanya Burr Hollywood eye palette. I've been searching in stores for months and I'm so glad I finally have it - the shades are stunning! For the day look I'll just use gold coin all over the eye for a basic eye look. For the night I'll reapply 'gold coin' on the lid with bookworn in the crease and outer corner. I may put 'enchantment' in the outer corner as well although I won't heavily apply it as I think 'gold coin' and 'book worm' look stunning on their own. This palette is so perfect for autumn/winter and the eye shadows themselves are amazing quality! 

To finish off the look I'll wear a gorgeous pinky/slightly corally lipstick from Nars (a full review is here). It's in the shade Niagara and I think it is wearable enough for the day however it is also garish enough to see you through to the evening. 

I absolutely love this look and hope you do too! It is really simple and clean look and the main focus are the eyes. It's easy to transition from the day to the night and I will definitely be using this look sometime in the future! 


Monday, 26 October 2015

Sephora honey mask

When I was in France back in the summer I bought some of the Sephora face masks. Before going I did my research and the I would love to know!  honey mask came out with the best reviews for Sephora's own face mask range.

I'm slightly skeptical about sheet face masks - do they actually work? There was certainly enough product when I took it out of the packaging so surely there must be something good happening to my skin! The honey mask claims to be for 'nourishing and balancing' and the other masks in the range seem to claim to do other wondrous things for the skin as well. In the past I've used the ginseng mask, although I didn't see a difference in my skin whatsoever - will the honey mask be any different?

After using it (instructions on how to apply are on the back, let's just say I looked incredibly odd for 15 minutes when I had it on) I was much more impressed with this mask. It was so moisturizing and when I took off the mask the left over product just sank into my skin. It made my skin feel so gorgeous and soft - almost like I'd just had a facial! Despite the packet saying to leave for 10-15 minutes on the skin, I probably kept it on a bit longer (till most of the moisture had gone). Once the mask is off it does feel a little wet, not slimy but almost like you've applied a gel to the skin. Don't apply moisturizer after this mask because it is definitely hydrating enough! I would just rub the excess product into the skin and that should be enough! I think it is targeted to those with drier skin types and it is quite moisturizing - I still think it would would for all skin types though!

For €3,95 I'm so impressed with this and when I go back I shall definitely be purchasing more! Have you tried any of the face masks from this range and are there any you would recommend? I would love to know!


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Let's talk staples: denim ripped jeans

I might say ripped jeans are a style staple and they probably aren't to most people - a pair of plain blue denim jeans will do, but I think a pair of denim ripped jeans just add something extra to an outfit. There are so different variations as well - from boyfriend jeans to normal skinny jeans I thought I'd share a few along with some outfit ideas as well.

Casual skinny ripped jeans look so sleek with a slouchy tee and especially in the autumn you can layer with jumpers and coats. I absolutely adore the look of a navy slightly oversized jumper and ripped jeans (much like the middle picture above). Ripped jeans can make a put together outfit more casual and I think they can really add something extra to an outfit. Sometimes (who am I kidding... most of the time) I can be found sporting a white tee and jeans but when I wear my ripped jeans it looks like I've put more effort into what I am wearing (but who am I kidding, I totally didn't). My favourite pair are from Topshop and I love them so much! They look so gorgeous with black loafers as well - so if you're stuck with idea for what to wear on your feet with ripped jeans then that's an idea! They are such a versatile piece of clothing for you wardrobe and that is why it has featured in my 'let's talk staples' series.

Do you own a pair of ripped jeans and if so what are you favourite ways to wear them? My other posts in the 'let's talk staples' series feature the 'plain white tee' and the 'striped tee'.


Monday, 19 October 2015

Books I've been loving #1

I absolutely love reading books. It's such a good stress reliever but it's so nice to get engrossed in a good book for a while. So whilst this blog is mainly beauty and fashion, I want to incorporate some of my favourite books into it! I love finding great new books to read so every month or so I'm going to put my favourite books on my blog.

Jandy Nelson - I'll give you the Sun:
A book that has previously been in a monthly favourites is 'I'll give you the Sun' by Jandy Nelson. I absolutely LOVE this book. Despite being crammed full of metaphors (I don't mind as I have a personal fondness of metaphors, but some people may dislike them). The story itself is about two twins (Noah and Jude) and it follows their lives before and after a tragedy that changes them both as people. The book has a dual narrative, from both Noah and Jude's perspective however I think that adds to the book, as you feel closer to both of them as a whole, rather than siding to one persons story. The characters are by no means perfect, they are raw and gritty and I think that is why I loved this book so much as they definitely developed throughout the story.

I'm not particularly an emotional reader, but boy I cried at this book. It is one of those books that you finish reading and cannot stop thinking about. I read it in May and I still rave on about it to my friends (needless to say they are probably tired of my endless book recommendations) and I just loved it from start to finish. Jandy Nelson's style of writing is definitely a love/hate type of writing - but I urge you to read it nonetheless. 

Ali Smith - How to be both:
'How to be both' by Ali Smith is an extremely clever novel about two love tales - one set in the 1460s and the other in the modern day. They are both twisted together into one and this creates the basis of the novel.
The language used in this book is superb and it is such a fresh plot. The book is like nothing I've ever read before and that for me is so refreshing as a lot of books follow very similar storylines. I would say this is the most grown up book of the three books featured. Whilst it is an amazing piece of writing, some of it shocked me so if you are a younger reader of my blog maybe this isn't the book for you (just a little warning).

Something about this book that may seem odd but you get used to is that all the speech (and there is quite a bit of it) does not have speech marks. Why it does not have speech marks I do not know but I think it adds a quirkiness to the book and I quite like it!
E.Lockhart - We were liars:  
Another book that featured in a monthly favourites (and deservingly so) is 'We were liars' by E. Lockhart. It is not a massive book but it doesn't need to be. From the characters to the storyline and the language used this book has all the feels. In spite of the fact it is set in America, you still feel like you are being transported into a completely different world (do not fear, it is not sci-fi though). Like I said above, I do not often cry at books, but I was holding back tears whilst reading this on a beach in France.

The only flaw in this book would be that the characters could be developed more. Whilst there are descriptions, there is so much mystery surrounding the deeper side to some of the people in the story. In this sense you fail to connect with some of them and I think if the characters were developed more, the plot would have had more impact.

I'd be very much interested to read more books written by E. Lockhart as I was just encaspulated by the story and her use of language was so streamline along with the plot. Despite being confused in parts of the story, the more you read the clearer it gets. Whether that was intentional or me just being not quite with it - this book is such an incredibly read.

I would love to know some of your favourite books, so leave me a comment of a few down below and I'll add them to my ever growing reading list!


Thursday, 8 October 2015

Lace ups - just a passing trend?

Top - ASOS

Personally I love the lace up trend. There's shoes, dresses, jumpers and tops that all share something in common - they all lace up! I wanted to write this post as a focus on this trend - is it here to stay or is it just one of those in one year out the next? It's been here since the start of the year and with Autumn and Winter clothing in full swing, there's no sign of it going. 

When I first saw lace up trend on tops I thought it was an absolute no go, I thought they were too revealing (although I only seem to wear tops that are really high-necked so it was quite a jump for me)! Gradually after seeing more and more people wearing this trend, I decided to take the plunge and buy a top for myself. After searching high and low I found a lovely one from ASOS (the one featured above) and I love it! It's great for this time of year as you can layer it, however if it is a big warmer it looks just as lovely on its own with a jacket or coat. 
DI've chosen my picks from some of my favourite stores to show you all! 

Shoes - I do quite like this aspect of the lace up trend, although I've tried a couple of the pointed shoes and they really do not suit my feet. The lace up sandals however are gorgeous and would be great for a night out (even if your toes may get cold). 

From left - right | Lace up block heels, Lace up knee high gladiator sandals Lace up pointed ballerina shoes 
Clothes - I have been persuaded to really like lace up clothing now. I only own one item which is the ASOS top above, but there are some really cute ways in which you can incorporate the trends into your clothes. Whilst I probably wouldn't wear the top in the co-ord below, I do think the skirt is really cute! I have to say my favourite piece is the striped top (see my ode to striped tops here) and I think it's quite versatile and would look cute layered with different pieces for autumn/winter.
From left - right | Lace up stripey top, lace up dress, lace up mini skirt
There are just a few ideas of ways you can introduce the 'lace up' trend into your wardrobe and I have a feeling this trend is here to stay for another season at least! What are you thoughts on the trend?

Monday, 5 October 2015

The blusher that bites

Now Nars is a brand I LOVE. Whilst I don't own that many things from them, I use them all and would recommend all of them to a friend. The only downside is the price. The price can be off putting but every once in a while I think buying a  Nars product is great for a treat. So I bought this blush last month as a back to school treat and I've been using it so much!

The Dual Intensity blushes are all absolutely gorgeous but at £30 there is no way I would get more than one. After a long time flipping back and forth from various shades I decided to go with Frenzy as I thought that would be the one out of all of them I would wear the most. Frenzy is a sparkly soft gold highlighter and a shimmery coral shade (it looks better than it sounds do not fear). The combination of the shades are great swirled round together but on their own they're gorgeous as well. When I first got it I literally couldn't keep staring at it - the shades are so stunning and I can't believe I didn't have this duo sooner (the price was somewhat off putting though).

These blushes are stunning. The texture is so creamy and soft and they blend like a dream. Whilst they look quite flamboyant shades both the highlighter and the blush look surprisingly natural on the skin. It's not the most pigmented blush of all but that can be fixed by just a few more swirls of your brush. When you talk about the blending though, wow these blushes are seriously good.

The blush can be used wet but I would steer clear of doing so. When I tried it my pores looked massive and it was not a good look - the pigmentation was better but that's the only plus, after a long day it started going patchy as well. The dry formula of this is so much better and also lasts longer so that's a winner for me. I know there is a brush that goes with this in the form of the Nars wet/dry blush brush but at £31 (more expensive than the blush itself) I'm not really sold - even if the brush is amazing I still think £31 is too much and there are other great brushes out there that can be used with this as well.

Quick overall verdict: I love the shades and the blusher blends and stays put like a dream - its downfall is the pigmentation so a few swirls with your brush is needed for a decent amount of product. Steer clear from using it wet but overall I would totally recommend!

What are your favourite Nars products and is there anything on your wishlist from the brand?


Thursday, 1 October 2015

There's always makeup to lust over...

My beauty wishlist is expanding rapidly lately and there's not much I can do to stop it - so what do I do? Share it on the internet of course.

Whilst my makeup collection is growing, my brush collection is at a stand still. Although I wash them frequently I probably haven't got any new makeup brushes in about a year, so some new ones are needed. The Zoeva rose gold collection has been on my wishlist for so long (and it's so damn gorgeous) but I'll probably wait till my birthday to purchase them if I do buy them as they're not cheap! A slightly cost conscience kit is the Real Techniques Nic's Picks brush set. There's five brushes in the set and I think I would use most of them so it's definitely worth it. 

Eye makeup has been a must have lately, I have been obsessed with saving different eye looks on Pinterest (I'm at @eleanorclaudie if you want to have a look at what I pin #cheekyselfpromo) and there have been some gorgeous autumn eye looks going on. I have been obsessed with the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita eye palette - it is STUNNING. I cannot stress how much I love this eyeshadow palette (and pretty much all Charlotte Tilbury products really - they are all so beautiful). On a less makeupy (I am making that word up for the sake of this post) note, the Origins drink up intensive has definitely been on my wishlist for a while and I think this face mask will be perfect for the Autumn/Winter time when my skin is much drier. It sounds amazing and I've never tried anything from Origins before so let me know if you've tried anything from the brand down below - I'd love to know!

Just out of pure curiosity, I googled how much all of the products in my wishlist would be - the total came to just under £243. You heard it right... £243 for 9 items of makeup/tools. Yep, most of these things are definitely staying on my wishlist, but its my birthday next month and I may have to treat myself to a few bits here and there! 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Lottie London: Hit refresh

Lottie London is a fairly new brand that hit the stores around March time this year. It recently hit my local superdrug store and I thought I'd try a nail varnish from the brand. I didn't pick up more than one incase I didn't really like the formula/it didn't last long (I am quite picky when it comes to nail varnishes). 

Firstly can we talk about how cute the packaging is? The brand is aimed at teenagers and young adults, although I think they would suit any age! The packaging would look so cute on a shelf and it's hard not to want to buy the whole range purely based on packaging alone (do not fear, I would not do that). Not only do their nail varnishes look very appealing, so do their brushes. I didn't purchase any but if I do in the future a post will be necessary! 

The polish I bought is in the shade 'hit refresh' and as you can see from the photo above the shade is an absolutely gorgeous pinky nude. There are about 60 nail polishes in the range and they are all stunning! Serious nail envy with some of the brighter shades, they look beautiful and I will beyond any doubt be buying some more in the future. The formula of the polish is great! The colour pay off is great for a nude, two coats are needed to create a good clean opaque varnish, but I would recommend three - the nail polish dried relatively quickly so it isn't much of a problem. In terms of application, the long brush made applying the varnish relatively easy which is good if you aren't very accurate when painting nails. The longevity of the varnish was pretty good, especially for a nude. The first time I wore it it didn't last that long and that was with two coats, so three is definitely needed. With 3 coats it lasted about five or so days without chipping badly 

At £5.99 (just slightly pricier than Barry M yet cheaper than Essie), Lottie London nail varnishes have got my seal of approval! I think they would be great as gifts as well, as their packaging is more professional in my opinion than other brands such as Barry M. 
I've literally worn this nail varnish so much over the past couple of months and it could possibly be my favourite 'pink nude' I've tried (which is a big deal as I am obsessed with my pinky nude nails).
I am seriously impressed with this nail varnish and will certainly be purchasing more from this Lottie London. You can buy the brand from Superdrug and Asos (these are the only two stockists I am aware of). Have any of you tried any of their nail varnishes/brushes?

Monday, 21 September 2015

10 random things to be happy about

I haven't done a lifestyle post like this in a while, so I thought I'd take a bit of time to write one. There are always things to be upset about, but on the other hand there are also loads more things to be happy about! In the past I've written posts such as 'things we shouldn't be afraid of' and 'looking at things in a better light' all little snippets to perhaps improve the way you see situations you're faced with in life. So today's post I thought I'd do '10 random things to happy about', just simple (and quite random) everyday things to be thankful/happy about - I hope you can read this and it will remind you that there are always things to be happy about!

Someone, somewhere loves you. Whether it be friends or family, a boyfriend or girlfriend - someone loves you just the way you are. All your quirks, your likes and dislikes. You and only you. Something about knowing that seriously brightens my mood because I know someone out there cares about me. It sounds incredibly cheesy but it's true! It doesn't cost anything to tell someone how much they mean to you so why not make today the day - it'll make someone's day just that bit better and it'll make you feel good too! Spreading the love <3

Putting on your favourite outfit. There is nothing better than putting on your favourite outfit, whether it be sweatpants and a jumper or a more dressy look, it's always nice to just feel comfortable in what you're wearing! 

The feeling you get when someone smiles at you. Don't deny it, you're probably thinking of someone who's done that to you right now (well I am anyway). When someone smiles at you because of something you've said and they're just happy with your company - it is like the best feeling in the world. I bet there's a time where someone has done this and just be grateful to have them in your life!

Proving yourself wrong. Think you can't do something then you do? Now that's a great feeling. Whether it be getting the grade you wanted or completed something before the deadline. You did it! 

Buying something you've wanted for a long time. Have you been lusting over something for a really long time? There's nothing better than buying that pair of shoes you've had your eye one for a while. Happiness all around (except maybe for your purse, but lets not worry about that).

Being happy for someone else. It's weird but seeing people happy almost makes me more happy than if it was myself. Like when someone gets a good grade and they're so happy about it, or they're just happy about a little thing/something they've done it's so great to feel happy for someone! It doesn't have to be a massive thing but it's great seeing people upbeat about something!

Putting on your favourite perfume. A task we probably do most mornings, but isn't it great when you just put on a scent you love? 

Being inside when it's raining. Especially on a Sunday when you're all lazy and not doing anything. Because we always seem to be moving about, be happy that you're inside when the weathers not great (grab a movie and just relax). This one is kind of random but I really like it when it's raining and you're inside in the cosy warmth.

Being enamoured by a book your reading. I get so happy when I buy a book, or just start reading a book and love it. Being engulfed in the story-line and getting attached to all the characters. Whenever i'm stressed it's just nice to pick up a book and read it - you're thinking more about the characters life than your own and it always calms me down when I read. On the other hand don't just read if you're stressed! Reading should be for the pleasure and take the time to really enjoy a good book.

Listening to your favourite music. Okay, this one always makes me happy. Appreciating the music you listen to always brightens my mood. There isn't a day when I don't really listen to music - there is always a tune on in the background (currently listening to Major Lazer - powerful whilst writing this now!) Music is something to appreciate and it is definitely something to smile about.

So I also took to Twitter to ask what little things make you happy and this is what some of you said! 
If you're having a bad day, just remember there are always things to be happy about, no matter how small they are. There are so many other little things to be happy about - so what are things that make you happy?

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Day to night looks #1: the berry lip

In a rush to get ready for a night out? I'm going to be doing one post a month for the next couple of months easy 'day to night looks'. This month is going to be a subtle glowy skin look, with a pinky eye and a berry lip. With slight tweeks from the day look, it's easily achievable if you don't have long to get ready in the evening!

Starting with the base, you want the makeup to last a long time so I'll use a recent favourite primer of mine - the Body Shop insta blur. Then a long lasting foundation and I shall pick the Rimmel lasting finish 25hr foundation: this stuff has a great lasting power so you wouldn't have to reapply this in the evening. Whilst I wouldn't feel like this foundation needs a powder for the day, I would put some on in the evening just to mattify the face slightly (without the horrible cakey look). For cheeks I'm keeping the look fairly simple, just a dusting of an old favourite Benefit's Hoola Bronzer and to highlight ill use to left side of my new (and very gorgeous) Nars dual intensity blush in Frenzy. I'll dust this on my cheekbones, top of my nose, and places where the light catches my skin for a natural bronzy/highlighted glow.

In the day, eyes are going to be more of the standout with this look. I want to make this a very pink eye to contrast to the berry shade I'll apply in the evening, but I'm wearing a natural pink lipstick in the day so I want this eye to standout whilst still being subtle. To achieve this I take my Naked 3 palette and put limit all over the lid, with nooner in the crease and liar in the outer v. I'll blend these seamlessly and put strange in the inner corner and the brow bone - my eye look is done! If I do have time I'll go over the eye look in the evening but if not the eyeshadows do last all day if you have a good primer. A coating of the Maybelline lash sensational and my eyes are complete. Ready both for the day but also put together enough for the evening as well.

This is the part ill change for the day and night. Whilst I love berry shades I don't really feel confident enough to wear them in public (especially out in the day) so I love wearing them for evening looks. Seeing as summer seems to have officially left I thought it would be fitting to include the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107 in a blog post. This will be my 'night' lip. For a more natural look in the day I'll wear a pinky nude from Mac in the shade 'angel'. It's a frost finish so I'll dab this on my lips as I'm not a massive fan of the finish when applied heavily on the lips.

The look is complete! An easy transition from the day to the night and I really like this look! It's kind of different and something I wouldn't usually wear, but on the face the colours seem to mash beautifully and I love the finished look - both for the day and the night! Look out for another easy 'day to night' look coming next month!


Monday, 14 September 2015

Nars smudge proof eyeshadow base

A beauty buy that featured in my August favourites, the Nars Smudge proof eyeshadow base was definitely a great addition in my beauty collection and I thought I'd share my thoughts with you on this little tube of primer goodness. Now when I bought my Naked 3 palette just under a year ago it came with little primer potion samples from Urban Decay. They were great! The Naked palette was my first venture into eyeshadows so I never really knew what they would look like without a primer or whether they would look any different. After they ran out I didn't bother to buy a primer as I didn't really see much of a difference (other than how long the shadows stayed on my eyes). But I've been seeing various youtubers use this product and was intrigued. I hadn't really seen many reviews so wasn't sure whether it was actually good or not but I took to google to see what people did think of it. The reviews I read were great and it easily made me want to try it.  

I took the chance to get some money off and bought it in duty free last month. Ever since I bought it I've used it under my eyeshadow and I can clearly see that my eyeshadow lasts longer and undoubtably minimises creasing throughout the day. The Eyeshadow primer would be amazing for anyone with paticulary oily eyelids (I don't have oily eyelids so it didn't make a massive difference) and it creates a great base to my eyeshadow or eyeliner.
It's not particularly cheap but I've never find a good drugstore eye primer, or really ever seen one so I would 100% recommend this product. Compared to the Urban Decay bases, Nars just made my eye makeup look so much more proffesional. Also comparing it to the primer potions, I can remember they used to crease whereas with the Nars primer there is none of that. 

The only downsides are that you can't actually see how much product you've got left although that's a minor issue. The reviews I read said it lasted around 2-3 months if used every day (although I don't wear eyeshadow for school so for me it'll last a lot longer) and I'll feed back to you when it runs out, but for £19.50 I don't think that's too bad. Especially since I love it so much! It's also kind of unhygienic with the doe-foot applicator being used on both eyes so I usually put some on my finger and apply it with that. 

I would seriously recommend buying the primer, it's a product that's used by so many people yet I've never really seen any reviews of it! It's by far the best eye primer I've used and I would say it's a must for any long wearing eye look!


Thursday, 10 September 2015

Back to school trilogy: get up and go playlist

I thought this would be a fun post to do for my final post in my back to school trilogy. I listen to music so much and listening to music before I go to school (upbeat music) really gets me in the mood for the the rest of the day. I listen to music when I'm doing my hair and my makeup and there's no denying it, I have a dance around as well (school cannot kill my vibe).

The playlist I've made may not be to everyone's taste but I wanted to include songs that make me really happy or songs that I can just get up and dance to - because who doesn't love a good dance before hours of boring work? Yep totally not embarrassing that I have a mini party on my own #Ipromiseidohavefriends.
I've already listened to this playlist before school and it definitely puts me in a good mindset for the day. Enjoy! 


Monday, 7 September 2015

Back to school trilogy: what's in my school bag

It's funny seeing what's in people's school bags (well I find it funny) - there's no doubt I probably put way more that's needed but I always seem to overpack without even trying - do I need that pack of 20 colouring pens? Nope. Will I put them in my bag? Most probably. So a massive bag is very much needed.

My gorgeous bag from Urban Outfitters fits practically everything I want it to, the only impracticality is that there isn't a zip - which probably isn't great if it rains but I can overlook it as it really is the nicest 'big' bag that I've found in a while. Most of the space will be taken by my books/revision guides etc. but never fear I'll still carry a notebook. The one in my bag at the moment is from IKEA but there are some lovely ones from Urban Outfitters (although they're a little too expensive for my liking). I have a seriously love for cute notebooks but they always seem to be so expensive! My IKEA one is great though as it's got blank pages so I can fill it with whatever. There's no forgetting my pens, pencils and essential school stationary. Different schools may require you to have different supplies - I would have spent more money on cuter supplies from paperchase etc. but I have a bad habit of losing things and probably go through about 50 pens tho right the year so I'll just stick to cheaper supplies! 
Since I'm starting my GCSES this year I thought I'd put a pack of colouring pens in my bag incase I need to write notes. I feel that is remember them more if they were written in brightly coloured writing!

I'll bring some deodorant just in case I need it after PE (slightly tmi but its a necessary) and also a mascara. I'll always have one in my bag just incase I need to reapply in the day. I would say that I bring a powder but knowing me I would probably forget to keep putting it in my bag so I'll just have to live with a shiny forehead (classic lazy people problems). Handwash is essential for school as that place is not the cleanest in the world (and the toilets aren't any better). I've got the soap and glory hand maid and it smells divine, even though I'm not sure how good it actually is at cleaning my hands! I'll pop a lip balm in my bag as well although that will probably transfer to my blazer - I am determined to not get dry lips this year! 

I've just got my water bottle (which will be filled with water don't worry) and my glasses case for when I'm not wearing my glasses! Finally I couldn't not bring my headphones to school! I walk to and from school and sometimes I just want to shut the world outside and listen to my favourite new songs (stay tuned for Thursday's post for a school playlist)! 
I hope you've enjoyed having a nosy around my school bag - what are your school essentials? 
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